Drama Radar: Upcoming Kdramas

As if I am not already watching way too many dramas, the months to come will see the premieres of new dramas I am exited about. Two months ago I complained there was a kdrama drought, but now I would say that the number of dramas I am watching and going to watch is getting out of hand.

The Heirs

 I will start with what is probably the most anticipated drama to come, The Heirs, or as it is officially titled The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight – The Heirs. Ok, let’s start with the title. Ehhhh, what? That’s not a title, that’s a tag line. Seriously, if they had put that on the poster as the tagline, everything would have been perfect.

Apart from the title though, the drama has many things working for it. We have writer Kim Eun Sook (of smash hits Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity) and a stellar cast led by Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk. Details are not really clear as of now, but we know that Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Min Ho will play brothers, with Choi Jin Hyuk being the heir to their family’s conglomerate. He is described as being the perfect older brother whom everyone loves, so I’m assuming Lee Min Ho will play the opposite with a lot of family baggage. I’m also assuming that Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin will be in some sort of love triangle, because let’s face what would dramaland be without them?

Now, the thing that bugs me, and everyone else for that matter, is that the drama takes place in high school for our main characters. In all seriousness, I can probably buy that Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin are high school students, mature high school students, but they can probably still pull it off. But, Lee Min Ho as a high school student!? He barely passed for one in Boys Over Flowers and that was years ago! He was the City Hunter and a historical general who romanced Kim Hee Sun! Why would you throw him back in high school!? My last bit of hope is that they are just messing with our heads and that the drama actually takes place in college. Please, drama gods, I won’t ask for anything else this year just please give me this one thing!

The drama is described as being a cross over between Gossip Girl and Boys Over Flowers, an aspect which can be interesting especially when thinking about the Gossip Girl aspect. My hope is that the drama will deal with themes such as sex, drugs, addictions, which are real things that are happening among youths. Throw in rich youths and we might have a winner. I’m not saying the drama needs to be an angsty melo, but I do hope that it will be mature in the themes it portrays. Oh, and someone please make Park Shin Hye also rich because if I have to go through another drama where the heroine is a pathetic country bumpkin lacking even the most basic of manners, I will shoot myself.

P.S. Not going to lie, I am a great deal excited about this drama because Choi Jin Hyuk is in it. He better get his own story line where he get the girl because I Need Romance is just painful to watch (another topic for another essay, The Pathetic Heroine: Why Ultimately Good Guys are Better than Bad Boys).

Two Weeks

I am already super excited for this drama and it’s quite a while before it premieres.

We have Lee Jun Ki as a man on the run who is falsely accused of murder. He discovers he has a daughter sick with leukemia and for the next two weeks (like the tittle suggests) he will try to save his young daughter. Joining him so far to complete the cast are: Kim So Yeon as a prosecutor, Park Ha Sun who I’m assuming is his daughter’s mother, Ryu Soo Young as a detective, Song Jae Rim as a professional killer and Jo Min Ki as the big baddie. The cast is diverse and extremely talented; I especially look forward to Jo Min Ki who was such a terrifying bad guy in East of Eden (he cut up his mistress‘ stomach and induced an abortion just because he didn’t want an illegitimate son).

The drama is written by writer So Hyun Kyung of 49 Days and most recently the super ratings hit My Daughter Seo Young. I can see almost a repetition of the time frame between 49 Days (which took place in 49 days) and Two Weeks (which will take place in two weeks) and depending on your thoughts of 49 Days that can either be a good thing or a bad thing. 49 Days did become slow in the last half, but it still told its story considering we had a set time frame from the beginning.

I’m just happy Lee Jun Ki is back in drama land, doing something that is not a sageuk. I really hope the story is more noir and thriller oriented rather than weepy melodrama. Lee Jun Ki was great in The Time Between Dog and Wolf which had a similar tone as to the one I imagine this drama will have, and personally after watching the awesomeness that is Heartless City I am craving some more noir revenge stories.

Master’s Sun

Oh, the Hong Sisters. Here we go again. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of the Hong Sisters for reasons that are too long to go into details right now (maybe someday I will do a separate essay just on them). For me their dramas are enjoyable up to a certain point. My Girl I loved because… well it’s My Girl (sane characters, sane plot etc). Best Love I enjoyed if I watched it episode by episode, scenario by scenario. Big, I don’t even want to talk about and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho had Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi.

Now, I will absolutely check out this drama, but as of this moment I have no exceptions from it. The thing that I havelearned from watching their dramas is that I need to go in with a clear head and not to think beyond the characters and beyond the plot; that way I can enjoy them.

I am anticipating Master’s Sun though because I am curious to see what they do with the story line and the characters. We have Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome and Broody, also known as So Ji Sub, playing a cold CEO who’s only worried is money. Then we have the charming Gong Hyo Jin playing a dark yet emotional woman who can see ghosts. Since this is the Hong Sister’s, we can expect lots of funny scenarios and supernatural stuff, let’s just hope this time this storyline makes sense unlike it did in Big (ok, last time I mention Big I promise).

Please, please Hong Sister’s, make this into a coherent storyline and we will be good.

Goddess of Fire

I am not a huge fan of sageuks. But I do watch them and enjoy them if they are worth it. Unfortunately the previews and still for this drama have been so washed out and plain that I have lost some of the excitement I had a month ago.

Still, it’s Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum. She’s a great actress, especially in sageuks, so I don’t doubt she will be excellent in it. As for Kim Bum, this is his first sageuk but if he wants to get better acting wise, sooner or later he would have needed to attempt one. This particular drama seems like a good start.

Really I would say everything is in the hands of the writer at this point, let’s just hope there is enough substance to the characters and the plot to keep us entertained for 32 episodes.

Plus, sageuk means long hair for the dudes, which means we get to see this again:

Unfortunately he will most likely have his shirt on but we will get the hair, hopefully…

The Blade and Petal

Well clearly this is the year of the sageuks. But this one looks just plain epic. I’ll admit I was not interested in it at until the first teaser came out. Boy, does this look amazing.

Check out the first two teasers:

While I like Uhm Tae Woong, I never loved him and I’ve never watched a drama just because he was in it, but this one seems to have all the right elements. Romance, action, melodrama, tears, epicness.

The chemistry between our leads seems to sizzling, the camera work looks dreamy and the costumes are just plain beautiful. I love that we get the more flowy fashion-era which I believe is the Goryeo era, as opposed to the typical Joseon Hanbok dresses. That’s a nice change since most of the sageuks have the Hanboks.

Who Are You

I was ready to write this drama off. So Yi Hyun is staring as a woman who sees ghosts while Taecyeon is her skeptical co-worker. I know, when we have the Master’s Sun premiering in a month or so, why would we need another drama that has basically the same plot?

But then Kim Jae Wook joined the drama as So Yi Hyun’s dead boyfriend who died in an accident they both were involved in. She wakes up from her accident and discovers she can now see ghost, among them her dead boyfriend. This has the potential to be poignant and heartbreaking.

Anyway, even if the drama sucks I will still end up checking it out for Kim Jae Wook, besides it’s his first project back from the army (can we get a ghost shirtless scene?). I stuck with Bad Guy for him thinking maybe he could get the girl. Not that he can get the girl in this one either seeing as he is dead. Damn it, I need to make a list of actors I love that never get the girl.

So the months to come seem to be busy in kdrama land. Not that I am complaining, I’m way past the point of what is considered normal drama watching.


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    • I know, and it kills me because medical dramas are not my thing. I need to wait for the promos to come out, maybe I will get excited about once they’re out.

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