Heartless City: Our OTP Becomes the OTP

HOLY. I may need a moment. Or you know, fifty. We had to wait basically ten episodes to get here, we thought it may never come, but man oh man was it worth it!

We start off with Soo Min calling Shi Hyun out for a drink. He doesn’t look overly eager to go, but it’s not like she has to drag him there either.

She is already a bit drunk when he gets there, clearly the double life of an agent taking a toll on her. I really worry for her. She teases him about being a gangster, asking him if he’s been in any fights lately. She means it as a teasing joke, but the irony in her questions is heartbreaking.

Suddenly he grabs her arm and pulls her in for a kiss. It’s a small kiss during which I am screaming at them to move their lips. Not to worry thogh because Soo Min has that covered.

They pulled away a bit before she kisses him again, this time more passionately, putting her hands around his neck. He is clearly enjoying the kiss as much as she is.

We immediately cut scenes and they are already in her room against the wall removing their clothes. The rest… well we don’t need any words for that, now do we?

The passion, the chemistry, the everything! I honestly like the way their relationship was introduced, and as far as their characters go it makes sense that they would sleep with each other before having any real feelings for one another. They’re both attracted to each other and for the moment that is enough. It’s such a nice change from the typical kdrama where it takes 20 episodes for the OTP to hold hands! Believe me I have watched enough kdramas where we were lucky if we got the main couple to even hold hands during the entire run of the series! And now look how things have changed! We get lips that move, hands that don’t stay idle beside the catatonic heroine, and couples that actually show passion!

I wouldn’t say I was worried about the chemistry between our leads, but having taken ten episodes to shows us their relationship, it did make me wonder a bit about what kind of chemistry we would get. I am happy and relived to say that Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri just killed it! It was just plain hot! At the same time while it was indeed hot, I would also say the scene was very tender. It managed to be passionate yet sweet at the same time, and that I just loved beyond anything else.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see where the story takes us next because this drama is nothing like I expected it to be, it completely exceeded my expectations so far! Episodes nine and ten were awesome and I will probably write about them individually but these scenes I just had to post! Please continue to rock with as much cruelty and heartlessness drama.


3 thoughts on “Heartless City: Our OTP Becomes the OTP

  1. The scene was so HOT HOT. Other kdramas need to take note on how to do a love scene. I just can’t wait for more of their scenes.

  2. I pretty much had the same reaction when the scene came about. It was intense! I couldn’t help but smile that they finally met and went somewhere! I wish more kdramas would take note. I’m starting to wish he wasn’t an undercover cop, it would be so much more intense and the stakes higher!

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