I Hear Your Voice: Episode 7

This episode takes our hearts and crushes them under tons of emotions and feelings. I dare you to walk away from this episode unharmed. We have the romance aspect hitting us from the left and then we have Psycho and his creepiness hitting us from the right. *cries*

Hye Sung is running on the pier talking to her mom on the phone saying she has no interest in meeting the sauna owner’s son, and that her mom should stop talking about blind dates. She suddenly stops and turns around sensing that someone is behind her, but no one is there.

She sees that her shoelace is undone and bends down to tie it. Someone (we don’t see a face but by the body type we can tell it’s Min Joon Gook) comes from behind and throws her over the pier into the water. Mom screams after her on the phone but Hye Sung sinks lower and lower at the bottom of the water. In that moment someone else jumps into the water and pulls her back up (again we see no face but we can assume that it’s Soo Ha).

And that is when mom wakes up drenched in sweat, screaming Hye Sung’s name. Talk about premonitions. Man, when something happens in this drama, it will happen big.

The next morning when Soo Ha walks Hye Sung to the bus stop she tells him that her mom’s dreams have never been wrong. When mom dreamed that Hye Sung was dying from a nosebleed that’s when she got her job, when mom dreamed Hye Sung lost her teeth her grandmother died. Hye Sung wonders if mom’s latest dream means something bad will happen to someone.

Hye Sung tells Soo Ha to take the heavy papers she is carrying but Soo Ha complains saying that his bag is heavy enough. Hye Sung tells Soo Ha to go his own way because her bus is here.

On the bus she almost drops her papers but Soo Ha is there to catch them. She tells him that he doesn’t need to do everything he is doing for her because he has no debt to pay her. What she did when she was a kid she would have done for anyone else. Yes but let’s admit, it does feel a bit more special because it is Soo Ha.

When they are nearing her office Kwan Woo spots them ahead of him and excitedly calls for Hye Sung. Hye Sung is equally excited to see him but stop herself, saying in her mind that she must act like a cold city woman.

When she turns around she coldly admires Kwan Woo’s style, saying it got better. He points put that he did his hair differently, got contacts and has even stopped wearing white socks. Hye Sung only points out that everything he considers special in his change is actually how normal males dress. Soo Ha smirks at this, happy that she burst Kwan Woo’s bubble. Oh sweetie, you will get your bubble burst pretty soon too.

It is then that Kwan Woo sees Soo Ha and asks what what he is doing there. Hye Sung quickly thinks What should I do? I don’t want Attorney Cha to misunderstand the situation. Soo Ha’s smirk now completely disappears, leaving behind only a dark look.

Hye Sung says that because she always felt a sense of responsibility she decided to be Soo Ha’s guardian. Soo Ha’s mood gets even darker. He thrusts the papers back into Hye Sung’s arms saying he is leaving.

Kwan Woo and Hye Sung start walking and Kwan Woo gives her the chocolates he didn’t get to give to her on their date the other day. Hye Sung takes one and then offers one to Kwan Woo as well. Behind them Soo Ha is boiling. Ok so, clearly Hye Sung likes Kwan Woo. Sigh. There goes my hopes for my noona-romance being canon. At least Yoon Sang Hyun is back to his normal handsome self.

At the office Hye Sung is preparing to meet her new client, someone called Grandpa Lee Dae Sung. Apparently he took the free newspapers that are given on the streets and tried to sell them for money, and now he is considered a thief.

Turns out Grandpa Lee Dae Sung can’t hear very well, so they spend their entire meeting shouting at each other. He won’t reach a settlement and doesn’t seem to understand that what he did was wrong, he even goes as far as saying that there is a reason why things are free, the same way Hye Sung is not a lawyer but a public defender. Hahaha, it seems she found her match in Grandpa Lee.

At home Hye Sung complains about the Grandpa to Soo Ha, saying her throat is so sore she can’t even talk. He tells her not to talk, she can communicate with her thoughts. To outsiders watching them their expressions seems hilarious with only Soo Ha doing the talking, but to them it seems to be something normal.

Mom is packing food to take to Hye Sung and says to her neighbors that she thinks there is someone Hye Sung likes, Lawyer Cha. Psycho’s face lights up with interesting in hearing this. Ugh, just stay away from everyone.

Psycho’s cell buzzes and he complains that he’s been getting too many spam messages these days. Turns out the spam messages are coming from the person Soo Ha hired to try and locate Psycho’s location.

Investigator person calls Soo Ha and tells him he hasn’t been able to get a location on Psycho yet because he doesn’t seem to be falling for the texts and isn’t clicking the link being sent to him. Soo Ha just tells him to hurry it up.

Soo Ha is helping Hye Sung to carry her papers to the office again, and in the elevator he meets Kwan Woo. Kwan Woo is his bright self but Soo Ha is less than happy to see him.

Kwan Woo thanks him for always taking care of Hye Sung but Soo Ha fires back asking him who is he to thank him for taking care of her. He did actually sound like her boyfriend for a second there. Kwan Woo tells Soo Ha that he is speaking too informally to him and that he should call him Hyung.

Soo Ha once again fires back asking him why he is so interested in finding out his age. Kwan Woo tells him it’s because he has a younger cousins and wants to set them up on a date. Soo Ha tells him no because he already has someone that he likes. In his mind Kwan Woo wonders if it’s Hye Sung and Soo Ha simply replies yes, leaving behind a perplexed Kwan Woo who thinks that Soo Ha is just too good at seeing through people. Ha. If you only knew. It’s also weird to see them like this after Secret Garden.

They both approach the office and hear Hye Sung screaming. Soo Ha is already prepared for the worse as he bursts trough the door. Turns out Grandpa Lee is chasing Hye Sung around the office with a bucket full of lettuce. He throws it right as Soo Ha stepped in front of Hye Sung, both falling on the floor but not before Soo Ha smacks his shoulder on the desk.

Kwan Woo also freaks out a bit too much, shaking Grandpa by the shoulder and yelling at him and  telling the Secretary to contact the police and report the assault. Boss tells everyone to keep quiet and not move. He gently takes Grandpa by the hand and leads him outside. Everyone else is staring on.

Soo Ha tries to get up but falls right down from the pain. Hye Sung asks him is he’s hurt but he says it’s only a bruise. She gets pissed that he’s hurt and follows Boss and Grandpa outside.

Boss tells Grandpa outside, that he shouldn’t be like this and that he should try to understand Hye Sung because she is a bit different. He tells Grandpa that he should feel sorry and that no one will press any charges.

Hye Sung and Soo Ha are behind them hearing everything, but Hye Sung looks exasperated. Boss tells her that Grandpa feels sorry so she should forgive him and not sue him.

Hye Sung tells Boss she will not settle anything and that she will sue Grandpa for assault and obstruction of justice. Aww, is she being like this because Soo Ha got hurt? She tells Boss that the law should settle everything. Boss says she is right, and of course he will also have to follow the law and go to the Ethics Committee and report that she tricked her last client and planned a secret deal with the prosecutor.

Hye Sung doesn’t back down and tell Boss to do what he wants. Soo Ha cuts in and tells her to stop. Since he’s the one who got hurt, he’s the one that is going to settle everything. Hye Sung walks away in anger.

Soo Ha catches up with Hye Sung and she’s clearly pissed at him. He tells her he is sorry and that he’s never going to side against her. She gives in and forgives him, asking him if his arm is alright.

Back the office, Grandpa’s case now gets assigned to Kwan Woo.

Kwan Woo sits outside on the bench depressed while the committee of three judges that hired him as a public defender looks at him from afar. Head judges praises him saying his grades and personality are outstanding and that he is a role model to all other lawyers. As he praises him Kwan Woo gets up from the bench and kicks the trash can that is beside him. He screams “Why me? Why does it have to be me?” The other two judges look at head head as if he were insane for praising Kwan Woo so much but head judge screams in his defense that Kwan Woo was a role model before.

Kwan Woo wakes up from his trance and realizes that he kicked the trash can. He quickly picks everything up while head judge once again says that he was right, Kwan Woo is great after all.

Kwan Woo is back to his usual cheery self, working as hard as he can to reach a settlement in Grandpa Lee’s case.

At home Hye Sung complains to Soo Ha about Kwan Woo and he is more than happy to hear her complains about his enemy. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Soo Ha views him as his enemy in terms of love.

Hye Sung calls mom and says she will come by mom’s store this weekend to giver her the paycheck. Mom in return calls her new helper, Psycho, and tells him to prepare some meat because her daughter will come visit on the weekend.

Psycho spots a a security camera across the street from mom’s store and goes towards it. We see the scene from the security camera’s view point. The screen starts to be blurry an then cuts to black, like in a horror movie. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. This is not good, this is not good.

Hye Sung corners Kwan Woo and asks him why he is acting like an excellent lawyer to the Grandpa who not only insulted her but all the public defenders. Kwan Woo answers her it’s because he is very mad that he is acting like this, and that he will show Grandpa in the trial that public defenders work hard to understand their clients. He says he will get a settlement and he will get Grandpa to apologize to her. You are really sweet Kwan Woo, you really are. I hope your humanity won’t come back to bite you later.

At the trial Kwan Woo brings in a cart full of newspapers and says that that is how much Grandpa needs to sell in a day to survive. On top of that he adds more paper, saying that now that is how much Grandpa needs to sell to each a meal in a day. Everyone in court looks on uncomfortable with pity in their eyes. Kwan Woo pleads with the court that they should try and understand people in Grandpa’s position.

While riding the train Hye Sung looks at all the people who are on their phones and tries to imagine how Grandpa must have been collecting and selling newspaper in that kind of world. She starts telling Soo Ha that she wants to help Kwan Woo, but Soo Ha tells her to stop and goes back to listening to his music.

Back the office the secretary tells them that he has a coupon for a Chinese restaurant, and that if four people go they will get free food. Hye Sung refuses but Kwan Woo literally picks her up from her chair and drags her with them. At the restaurant they run into the head judge who is there with Do Yun and other prosecutors.

They all eat together and they start talking about Grandpa’s case. Do Yun and Hye Sung get into an argument about morals and the reason why grandpa is doing what he is doing. To emphasize their point each time one of them speaks, they turn the food wheel towards them. LOL. Head judge screams at them to stop because they will not talk about this over food.

Soo Ha goes to visit Grandpa who is staring with hunger at the bread vendor wondering if he will spear a bread for only 50 cents. Soo Ha smiles and goes towards Grandpa. He asks Grandpa if he has 50 cents because he himself only has $1.50 and needs another 50 to be able to buy three breads. Grandpa asks if he will give him a bread as well. Soo Ha says of course, he will give Grandpa two breads. You need to stop being so sweet Park Soo Ha because my heart can only handle so much of your sweetness.

Later that night Hye Sung and Soo Ha put away all the food mom send her and he tells her that he met Grandpa by accident. Yeah right. Soo Ha tells her that Grandpa actually met the victim from which he stole and asked for a settlement, he even apologized. Turns out they are both very distant relatives and only found out when they both met at a funeral for another relative. Hearing this Hye Sung gets an idea and asks Soo Ha to help her.

Kwan Woo and Boss meet with Grandpa and tell him that he will most likely be sent to jail. Grandpa tries to act though saying that that’s great since he won’t have to worry about food or paying rent but as soon as he says it he starts shaking. Boss and Kwan Woo take him by the hand.

Hye Sung is waiting for Soo Ha at a cafe and he shows up dressed in a suit as per her request. Hubba Hubba. We the audience along with all the other girls in the cafe are just left staring at him. Even Hye Sung can’t form any words settling for “You… you…you…” HA.

Turns out that because Grandpa and victim are relatives, if they settle Grandpa will just get to go home. Soo Ha tells her that’s great, but the victim is never going to settle. She says that that is where she needs him and shows him an umbrella.

They go to visit the victim who is ready to receive them with water. But when he opens the door to throw the water Soo Ha meets him with the umbrella. Aha, so that’s where the umbrella come in.

Together, with Soo Ha’s mind reading abilities, they “threaten” the victim into settling. They walk away from the victim’s house in good mood, and cutely high five each other. Yay for the crime fighting team!

Hye Sung arrives at the courthouse with the charges dropped and Kwan Woo hugs her out of happiness. The judge dismisses the case since there are no longer any charges present and tells Grandpa he can go home.

Kwan Woo adorkably punches the air in victory and everyone else is smiling, except Hye Sung who still looks shaken from the hug.

After the trial outside, Kwan Woo runs after Hye Sung to thank her. They talk just as Soo Ha appears from behind them wondering why Hye Sung doesn’t call him. Kwan Woo says she must have been surprised when he hugged her but Hye Sung tells him that she doesn’t pay attention to things like that.

Kwan Woo tell her they should high five then and she complies. But when when they high five he takes her hand and kisses it.  Soo Ha looks as if the world ended.

Kwan Woo says they should date and asks her whether or not she likes him. She says that she does like him. That is when Soo Ha walks away.

At school Soo Ha lies in the grass thinking about Hye Sung. He throws the recording teddy bear he got her earlier where he recorded “Good Job Lawyer Jang!” Sung Bin sees everything and picks up the bear, now clear on the fact that Soo Ha likes Hye Sung.

That night when she leaves the office Hye Sung tries to call Soo Ha but he doesn’t pick up. Turns out Grandpa is also waiting for her outside. He tells her he is sorry for calling her trash and gives her a yogurt drink. Awww, poor Grandpa.

Psycho gets another spam message, but this one he clicks and person who tracks him down gets his location. You are so done for Psycho.

Inside the story mom is marinating some meat. Psycho just states at her weirdly. Don’t you dare do anything to mom!

He tells her he has something to tell her and slowly comes towards her… HOLDING A WRENCH! Shit. Shit. Shit.

Hye Sung calls her mom to tell her about the Grandpa case. Hye Sung asks mom and if there is anything mom is hiding from her. Mom says no, but her voice is weird.

We cut to mom and we see her all bloody and tied up, with Psycho holding the cellphone to her ear. Mom does tell her one last thing.

Mom: “Hye Sung, listen to me. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” If you live that way this whole world will become handicapped… all those people who are rude to you, it’s because they are jealous. So, don’t hate them. Just promise me you won’t hate someone enough to ruin your life.”  

Mom’s gonna die isn’t she!? Psycho’s gonna kill her isn’t he!!!???

They hang up and Psycho tells mom that he’s surprised mom didn’t cry and ask Hye Sung for help. He asks mom if she is scared and she says she isn’t.

Min Goon Jook: “You know what I am going to do next… your daughter will live her life like me. Hating someone and wanting revenge.”

Mom: “My daughter won’t live like that because I didn’t raise her to be like that.”

Mom laughs and Psycho screams.

Investigator texts Soo Ha the address where Psycho is and he becomes frantic asking Hye Sung where her mom’s restaurant is. When Hye Sung answers he says that is where Min Joon Gook is right now. They are now both frantic and pale.

The phone rings. Soo Ha answers. He pales even more and Hye Sung screams at him to tell her who’s calling.

“That’s when I realized. Mom’s nightmare never ended. It only just started. And that nightmare was foreshadowing something far worse than what we expected.” 

Episode Thoughts


I do not know what to say. I did not expect that. I expected something but not this fast and not this life-altering. I mean, I knew things were about to go down but this…this, whoa! We didn’t see mom die, but I am assuming that Psycho did kill her. This will just take everything to the next level. Up until know we had moments of comedy and hilarity in the drama, but with this, everything is going to change. The tone of the drama will certainly become darker. It will be interesting to see how this really affects Hye Sung. I can see how mom might be right and Hye Sung might be different in regards to revenge but she will obviously want to take down Min Joon Gook.

Imagine how poor Soo Ha will also be affected by all this. OMG, everyone is going to be hurt to badly.

I was all ready to talk about the romance but the ending of this episode just crushed all that. I still feel strongly about Soo Ha and Hye Sung but I am beginning to think that their romance might not have a chance at all. I find Kwan Woo sweet and adorable, but I just… I don’t particularly find them interesting together.

I have no more words for today. I need tomorrow to come now.


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