Upcoming Drama Two Weeks Holds First Script Reading

Upcoming kdrama Two Weeks which premiers in August after Queen’s Classroom held its first script reading with its leads on June 10th. The drama stars Lee Jun Ki as a man on the run who finds out he has a daughter sick with leukaemia.

Other lead actors present were Kim So Yeon, Park Ha Sun and Ryu Soo Young. From the limited view we have of Lee Jun Ki I would say he looks good. I actually like him with his hair short, and I’ve been loving the red hair he’s been sporting for the last couple of months. But I guess when you do a dramas as intense as this having a lead with red hair is probably not the best choice. He’s Lee Jun Ki though, that very fact will make me watch anything.

I gotta say I’m not loving the fact that Kim So Yeon seems to have the same Iris haircut. I love her with long hair, I think she looks gorgeous with it long. Oh well, I guess we can’t have a prosecutor that might look too hot.

I pretty much love Ryu Soo Young in anything he’s done, starting with the first drama I’ve seen him in which was 18 vs 29. To me he has a certain charisma that is appealing, and knowing he’s in a drama always gets me more excited.

As for Park Ha Sun, I’ve only seen her in Ad Genius which was probably not a good first drama to see her in. I mean she was fine but I really couldn’t care less for her character. Still, it’s not like I hate her so the fact that she is in the drama is not a bad thing.

Reportedly Lee Jun Ki read the scene where his character finds out for the first time that he has a daughter and nearly brought everyone there to tears. Me.Needs.This.Drama.NOW! I imagine the little girl pictured above plays his daughter. Aww, she looks really small and adorable!

Imagine handsome Lee Jun Ki with a small kid!! If you can’t here’s some help:

This is from a campaign he did years ago in which Korean celebrities tried to raise awareness about children who were born with mental and physical illness. All with me: Awwww!


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