Dating Agency Cyrano (7-10): Still A Consistent Delight

The last time I wrote about Dating Agency Cyrano I gushed about how much I was loving it’s light breezy romcom vibe and its development of our main OTP but of course, that was written when the drama was 6 episodes in and we’ve had cases before when dramas start off well and then veer off course, but we’re now 10 episodes in and I can happily say this drama is still everything I want it to be and my emotional investment in these characters continues to grow episode by episode.

As the episode count continues to grow, one thing I’ve really grown to appreciate from this drama is it’s pacing and handling of relationships. For example, let’s think about where Byung Hoon was in Episode 1, he was cynical and dismissive of love and his interactions with Min Young were fairly prickly and rough yet here we are in episode 10 and we see Byung Hoon SMILING at Min Young, a Byung Hoon who compliments and praises her without her having to ask him and who genuinely worries about her being sick, their interactions are no longer prickly but filled with tension and awkwardness because it’s quite clear that both of them are gaining feelings for one another (although she’s clearly much quicker on the uptake about how she feels than he is). But the changes in his character doesn’t feel unnatural or tacked on, it feels like natural character progression.

That goes for everyone in the Cyrano agency really, Arang’s story happened quite early in the drama so he’s mostly in the background in the last couple of episodes but I’m loving him quickly recognizing Byung Hoon and Min Young’s burgeoning feelings for one another and playing matchmaker. Moo-jin’s little side story with Hye Ri (the waitress who works at Seung Pyo’s restaurant) is cute and sweet and the recent introduction to his grandmother in Episode 10 gives us a little more insight to him as a character and shows us that he’s fiercely protective of her. And Min Young? Well, she continues to be great! And while she hasn’t changed as a character since the first episode I don’t consider that a problem because Min Young in the first episode was already pretty great.

What we should recognize though, that it’s less about Min Young growing as a character but Min Young helping others around her grow. Without her, the agency felt like a cold and calculated operation but with her there, the 4 of them are more like a little family unit (Arang’s little knowing smiles when Byung Hoon smiles at Min Young, Min Young constantly placing her arm around Arang and giving him advice like a big sister would, Byung Hoon providing Moo-jin’s grandmother with a discount because she’s a relative of someone from the agency, etc.).

Her presence alone has provided the agency and their cases with more heart because Min Young clearly has a level of emotional investment in these cases because she herself loves romance and grows to root for these people. It’s very much showcased in Episode 9 with Su-Ah (played by Jung Yumi) where her optimism and hope is what saves the day because her piece of advice, that she has to love herself first in order to get others to love her, gave Su-Ah the confidence to finally approach her object of affection (GONG! YOO!) and also in Episode 8 where she advices Mi-jin (played by Gu Eun-Ae), the female chef who no longer trusted men after a bad experience with one particular male chef,  to give people a chance because she might be missing out on someone great. It’s why I find myself scratching my head when I read comments saying they dislike Min Young as a character. Because I think she’s wonderful! Her sense of optimism and romanticism is never treated by the writing as wrong or foolish and in fact is also a massive asset to the agency. Just because she comes from the same mold as the plucky optimistic heroine of so many dramas doesn’t make her any less likeable or great. She’s not afraid to talk back or voice her opinions to Byung Hoon and let’s not forgot that she’s the one who saves (!!!) Byung Hoon from drowning in Episode 9. She’s a fantastic female lead and anyone who says otherwise is someone I probably have no time for (what can I say I’m protective over my ladies especially in dramas where most of them seem to get way more flack than their male counterparts).

Now as for the parts of the drama I find less delightful, it’s still mostly has to do with The Master. I guess I’m just not as fond of Lee Chun Hee acting-wise as everyone seems to be, it’s not that he’s bad per-se it’s just that he leaves a lot to be desired and it doesn’t help that his character continues to be quite a cipher but I’m willing to put up with him if he’s the reason Byung Hoon finally realizes that his feelings for Min Young lean towards the romantic side and if it gets our main guy to be more proactive when it comes to pursuing this love (as opposed to his first one).

So far this drama has remained consistently delightful and continues to give me warm fuzzy feelings every episode, we have 6 episodes left and I’m hoping that the writers don’t drop the ball in the remaining episodes and continue to provide quality episodes as it near it’s end. This is still very much a low-key little romcom but while others may say that it’s lacking in depth (and of course, that’s their opinion and they have every right to think this way), I feel as though the writers have found a way to provide nice little character moments every episode that builds up our investment in the relationships and the characters. Maybe at first glance it feels a little shallow but I think once you dig deeper, there is depth and there’s more to take away from it than others may think.


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