I Hear Your Voice: Episode 8

Show, you complete me. We get the aftermath of last episode’s ending and it’s emotional, heartfelt, but also a little bit hopeful. Our characters are each starting to walk towards their own journey, coming together and walking apart.

We start off with the news report that there has been a fire at mom’s chicken restaurant. Mom died in the fire but her worker Min Joon Gook came out unharmed with only a few burns on him. That sonofabitch. He killed mom and then set fire to the whole thing, even burning himself to make his story credible.

Hye Sung faints in the hospital when she sees mom is dead but Soo Ha is there to catch her. A few weeks later everyone is at mom’s memorial service, even the three judges and the Boss are there to pay their respects. Hye Sung formally receives everyone’s regards but we can tell she is in shock.

Head judge says that Min Joon Gook has been charged with arson and requested that he be transferred to their jurisdiction. Boss warns head judge not to appoint any of them as attorneys for Min Joon Gook.

Do Yun turns out to be the prosecutor in charge of the case and we see her questioning Psycho who looks like a victim, all bandaged up and remorseful. She uses with him the same tactic she used with Sung Bin, being all nice and then ripping him to pieces.

Psycho says he has a history with Hye Sung telling her the day of the accident ten years ago. However he adds that what Hye Sung saw that night was not really what happened, that she was mistaken, and that that is why people might think he wanted to kill her mother.

That is when Do Yun changes faces and tells him she was also present the night of the accident and knows the truth. She tells him that if he lied once there no guarantee he won’t lie again, so she can’t believe him, and she’ll see him in court. I think this is the first I liked Do Yun.

Soo Ha waits outside the jail for Psycho to board the prisoners’ bus, trying to see if he can read his mind.

Min Joon Gook: “Let’s think of a plan. Think! What must I do next?”

Soo Ha slowly starts walking towards Psycho. As he gets closer he breaks into a run, and stars throwing punches towards Psycho. Soo Ha screams at him, asking him why he killed an innocent person. Psycho screams he didn’t, but when Soo Ha looks into his eyes we can clearly see the truth written of Soo Ha’s face. It takes two guards to hold off Soo Ha while Psycho boards the bus with a satisfied look. Die! Die you sonofabitch die!

Hye Sung and Kwan Woo are together at the memorial house.  Kwan Woo brings her food saying he’ll take care of the funeral, she should just take care of herself. He tells her that as her boyfriend (really? already? I thought you only just asked her out last episode) he will stay with her. She tells him that as her boyfriend he needs to leave her alone so she could cry.

Soo Ha comes and sees Hye Sung sitting by mom’s portrait staring at nothing in particular only rubbing her eyes wondering if she has an illness or if she is just really strong (she referees to the fact that she is not crying). He tells her that he went and saw Min Joon Gook. She asks what he said.

Hye Sung: “Is it true, did he really not kill her?”

Soo Ha: “No [he did].”

Hye Sung asks him what he saw. How was mom when she died? Soo Ha barely hold in his tears when he tells her that at the end Min Joon Gook let mom speak on the phone with her. She remembers her last conversation with mom, and what mom told her never to do.

That is when Hye Sung loses it and hugs her chest in pain, crying. As she keeps remembering she moves closer to mom’s portrait crying harder and harder on the verge of hysteria. Soo Ha watches her for a while but then gets up and hugs her. This is heartbreaking. Lee Bo Young makes this scene so painful and believable. My heart is in a million pieces.

Kwan Woo goes to see head judge and screams at him furiously as to why he is put in charge of Min Joon Gook’s trial as his defense lawyer. Judge response that there is no one else who would do it because they all resigned, what’t more, Min Joon Gook himself requested Kwan Woo as a lawyer. So now Psycho wants to create a drift between Hye Sung and Kwan Woo?

When Hye Sung hears the news and goes to visit Kwan Woo her reaction is not one I expect. She is calm and composed saying she is glad that Lawyer Cha is the one in charge of the case. She had been worried that Boss would be the defense lawyer but now she is glad because she knows Kwan Woo is one her side and he would never actively try and win the case for Min Joon Gook. Kwan Woo says yes, but we can tell on his face that things in his head are not as simply as Hye Sung makes them to be.

Kwan Woo goes to see Min Joon Gook, and we can finally see a changed Lawyer Cha. He looks worn out, but at the same time his presence now gives off a different feeling. However an officer tells him he won’t be able to see Min Joon Gook as he was just taken to the hospital for a suicide attempt.

Turns out Psycho tried to kill himself, even leaving behind a note. I don’t know if Psycho is just mad or just brilliant. There is no way the court will believe he is guilty now, because let’s be honest, who lies in their suicide note? But this Psycho we are talking about!

Kwan Woo goes and visits him in the hospital and reads the suicide letter. In his note Psycho says that everything he’s ever wanted was to live an honest life and for Hye Sung and Soo Ha to forgive him. That’s why he went to work for mom’s store in the hopes that he might be able to reach her daughter though mom. He cared for mom deeply and that now he will leave this world just like her.

As Kwan Woo reads the note Psycho wakes up. Kwan Woo tells him that he does not believe the note, and that everything was just for show. Psycho says of course he doesn’t believe him and that that is why he wanted him to be his lawyer. If Kwan Woo, who‘s not on his side can find out the truth, then everyone will have to believe Psycho and his story.

Kwan Woo goes to visit Mom’s store, taking picture of the burned mess around him. He also talks to mom’s friends, the medic, and even the two police officers from earlier in the show.

In his room Soo Ha is staring at his knife remembering what Hye Sung told him before. That no matter what happens he should not try to kill Psycho. He finds Hye Sung in her room looking at mom’s photo. Hye Sung thinks, Don’t worry mom. Lawyer Cha is on our side. I believe in Lawyer Cha. 

At Psycho’s trial everyone is present. Hye Sung is hesitant to enter, telling Soo Ha that everything is just like ten years ago. He puts his arm around her and together they enter.

Do Yun is presenting her opening statement against Min Joon Gook, giving us a recap of his life so far and how he approached mom with evil intentions declaring he is being charged with arson (setting fire to the house knowing someone was still inside).

When judge asks Kwan Woo if his client accepts the charges he looks at Hye Sung. Soo Ha’s eyes become wide at reading Kwan Woo’s thoughts. Oh no! Lawyer Cha what are you doing?

Kwan Woo stands up and declares that his client does not accept the charges and that he is in fact innocent. Please tell me this is all part of a bigger plan and that you don’t actually believe him.

Hye Sung screams at Kwan Woo in the hallway calling him crazy for believing Min Joon Gook. Kwan Woo tells her to calm down, that things may be different from what she believes them to be. He tells her that everything could have been an accident, that mom may have fainted from her irregular heart condition and hit her head, and couldn’t turn off the gas thus starting the gas.

Soo Ha intervenes and tells him that it’s not true. Min Joon Gook killed her and set fire to the whole restaurant. Kwan Woo says that might be true but there is no way Soo Ha could know that for sure. Oh, there is Kwan Woo. The conversations ends with Soo Ha punching Kwan Woo in the stomach to make him stop talking.

When Soo Ha comes home that night, Hye Sung is cleaning the entire apartment. He goes to help her but she tells him to just get out. She says doesn’t want to see anyone right now, so he should leave while she is being nice. He says he won’t leave and that if she has anything to tell him she should.

Hye Sung: “I’m hating you a million times over and over again right now. In being a witness for a case ten years ago, this has happened. It’s all because of you. Should I say something even harsher?”

So Haa: “Say it. I’ll listen to it all.”

He goes to the kitchen to wash the mountain of dishes there. Hye Sung looks at him for a moment before going to stand beside him. She tells him that the detergent he is using for washing is actually the cooking oil. Stoping being so cute you two.

She’s now calmed down and asks him whether the judge believes Psycho to be innocent or guilty. He tells her 51% guilty and 49% innocent. Hey, at least there is hope.

Hye Sung goes to visit Do Yun at her house. Do Yun tells her that she knows who Min Joon Gook is and that she wants to catch him as much as Hye Sung but there is only circumstantial evidence. Hye Sung tells her to manipulate the evidence. Do Yun calls her crazy.

Hye Sung gets on her knees and begs Do Yun for help. She says that she will do anything she wants, and that she apologizes for everything she did and say ten years ago. (Even though you didn’t really do anything?)

Do Yun’s judge dad sees the whole exchange and appears from behind them, asking Hye Sun if her apology is sincere. In her head Hye Sung tells mom she is sorry. Out loud she swallows her pride and answers dad judge that she is sincere.

They all go in the living room and talk. Dad judge says that if he were the judge he would have already declare Min Joon Gook innocent, and if he were the prosecutor he would have made evidence against him. Do Yun asks how. Dad judge says they need to find someone who would talk against Min Joon Gook, his ex cellmate. Remembering that Boss is friends with Psycho’s ex cellmate she says that might be possible.

Dad judge says that the cellmate might be desperate enough for parole that he would testify against Min Joon Gook. Do Yun says that that’s perjury but dad reminds her that she’s done it ten years ago and that if it means catching the criminal they must do it. The three of the decide to work together to bring down Psycho.

At home Hye Sung continues cleaning, now washing all the bed sheets. Soo Ha comes home and Hye Sung tells him that she went and begged Do Yun for help, that she even apologized to her. Again, they start the ritual of cleaning the house together.

At her end Do Yun goes to prison and talks to Min Joon Gook’s ex cellmate. Ex cellmate says that it’s not possible that Min Joon Gook killed someone because he is such a nice guy. Do Yun gets exasperated and asks her colleagues to stop out of the room.

She tells him bluntly that 25 years ago he was incarcerated and lost his daughter, and that he wants to get out and find her quickly. Do Yun tells him that all that depends on the answers he will give her. Ex cellmate seems to get the message.

Boss also goes to visit the ex cellmate playing once again their celebrity bingo. Boss asks how come he’s going as a witness for the prosecution side when he said before that Min Joon Gook was a nice guy. Ex cellmate says that after he thought better he thinks that something is off. Boss is no foul and can also tell that something is definitely wrong.

Hye Sung meets Boss outside the courthouse on her way to Min Joon Gook’s trial. Boss asks her what deal she made with ex cellmate but she says she didn’t make any kind of deal. Hye Sung is about to walk away when she turns around and asks Boss what the problem is if she did. She is the victim here and she was wronged. Everyone believes the murderer while nobody believe the victim. She ends up throwing her public defender pin at him and walks away.

We’re back at trial, where ex cellmate is called as a witness. Do Yun asks him if he ever heard Min Joon Gook talking about Hye Sung. Ex cellmate says he did. He heard that Min Joon Gook had a debt to pay and he immediately thought grudge. Ex cellmate says that Min Joon Gook said that Hye Sung made a mistake and for that he will kill her. Oi, isn’t that overdoing it a bit? Will anyone actually believe that?

Do Yun argues to the judge that Min Joon Gook’s angel side was just a disguise. That if he is found innocent nobody knows who else he is going to kill, and that the law needs to protect that one victim.

Soo Ha looks at the judge’s face and shows Hye Sung through the medallion that hangs on his cellphone that the judge nows believes Min Joon Gook is guilty. Hye Sung looks reassured but I’m not doing so well.

In the audience Secretary asks Boss if now that means that Psycho is guilty. Boss says no, now it means that he is innocent and that all the witness did was to trap the prosecution.

It’s Kwan Woo turn to question the witness and he asks him if he would describe Min Joon Gook as intelligent or stupid? Ex cellmate says as intelligent but Kwan Woo asks him how would an intelligent person reveal his plan to his cellmate? Ex cellmate says that actually now that he think about Psycho’s always been more stupid but Kwan Woo only says that that is even stranger since a stupid person couldn’t have possibly committee such an elaborate plan. See, I knew that ex cellmate statement was a bit too much.

Kwan Woo says that no matter what the witness answers he will prove Min Joon Gook innocent. My god, snap out of it Kwan Woo!! He continues to push the witness until he finally declared that Psycho never actually said he would kill Hye Sung.

Soo Ha looks again at the judge, and to Hye Sung he flips his medallion showing her that judge thinks Psycho is innocent.  Hye Sung puts her face in her hands and Soo Ha looks at Psycho.

Min Joon Gook: “Kid, it seems these idiots here are all on my side. When I am declared innocent and get out of here it’s yours and that girl’s turn.”    

Hye Sung, Soo Ha and the Secretary are outside the courtroom talking. Hye Sung stares into nothing and Secretary tells her that the verdict hearing is not until next month on the third. And even if he is found innocent the prosecution and appeal and find him guilty a second time.

At home Soo Ha calls Hye Sung to dinner but she’s already asleep hugging mom’s portrait. Her cellphone rings and Soo Ha checks it. It’s a message from Kwan Woo saying he is in front of her house and that he won’t leave until she comes out.

Soo Ha goes outside and meets with Kwan Woo. He tells him to wait for Hye Sung because she likes him a lot but he just needs to give her time. Kwan Woo asks him if he also hates him that he sided with Min Joon Gook. Soo Ha says no, he’s actually thankful to him. Why? Why are you thankful? Is it because Min Joon Gook can come out of prison where you can kill him better? Soo Ha what are you thinking?

As Soo Ha walks away we get to hear his thoughts; Thank you for giving me the change. Noooo, don’t do anything stupid, I’m already crying just thinking about it.

In his room Soo Ha sits all alone, looking at his calendar marking the third day a months from now as Sentence Day. In his bag we see his knife.

At school Soo Ha keeps missing his classes with Sung Bin trying to cover for him but nonetheless he is found out by the teacher.

Back at home Soo Ha fixes things around the house before he packs his bags, preparing to leave. He looks around with sadness before he walks though the door. No, why are you leaving?

Hye Sung is at her mom’s grave talking to mom. Soo Ha also comes, leaving some flowers for mom. He tells her that if she’s not going to the office they should go somewhere together.

They go to the aquarium, the place where Hye Sung promised him they would go together. It’s also the place where his dad was going to take him the day they had the accident.

Hye Sung: “Why did you want to come here?”

Soo Ha: “You know my world is noisier than most people’s. I thought it’d be nice and quiet here.”

He tells her that before he came here he packed all of his stuff from her place. He tells her not to worry because Min Joon Gook will never bother her again. She asks how he can know that for sure, and he tells her that she must have forgotten that he can read minds, and that he saw it at the trial. LIAR!

Hye Sung: “Is that why we came here? For a goodbye?”

Soo Ha: “Yeah… I also have a lot of things to tell you before I leave.”

He tells her that her mom was really proud of her, up until the last moment. He knows because he read Min Joon Gook thoughts in court.

We get a flashback scene of mom and Min Joon Gook. Min Joon Gook tells mom that he is doing this because her daughter stood as witness to his trial years ago. He asks her if it doesn’t make her mad. Mom says very mad, because she didn’t know her daughter had this kind of courage in her.

Hye Sung starts crying and Soo Ha tells her not to blame it on herself. He also tells her not to hate Lawyer Cha because he is doing this for her, just wanting to clear up the misunderstand between her and Min Joon Gook. He tell her to accept her feeling for Kwan Woo because it would benefit both of them.

He tells her to take care and then turns around and leaves.  She calls after him but doesn’t know what to say. This makes him turn around.

Soo Ha: “There is no more thing you don’t know.”  

And then he kisses her! And I died! And we cut to credits.

We also get a small epilogue scene as the credits roll. We’re thrown back to last episode when Kwan Woo asked Hye Sung for a redo of their date. She tells him she is sorry but that she already made plans with Soo Ha to go to the aquarium, and her promise to him comes first. Except, Soo Ha never gets to hear that because he walks away before Hye Sung says anything. Kill me!


Episode Thoughts

I am not ok! I am not ok! Where do we go from here?

This drama makes me feel like I am on a roller coster. I fell sad, I feel heartbroken, I feel joy, I feel hopeful. I feel everything! I think what I love most about it is that it has a good way of telling what it wants to tell and making me feel whatever it wants me to feel.

For example, you know I am all for Hye Sung and Soo Ha but for the last couple of episodes it pushed for Hye Sung and Kwan Woo, it really did make me feel that. I didn’t love it, but ultimately I could have accepted it. And then, and THEN, the last scene in this episode happened and I am mess. I am a ball of emotional mess. You don’t do that show, you get to do that to me! You better not give me hope and then take it away. The aquarium scene felt like a Hello and a Goodbye all at the same time. Ah, it hurts so much but I love it equality so. I know, I am masochist.

But anyway, back to this episode. It killed everything! It hurt that mom had to leave the way she did, but I think the show needed something like this to happen to kick things into gear and at the same time to let everyone know that the stakes are real and higher than ever. The pace of the story continues to be solid and fast; I didn’t expect that by episode 8 we’d be already here.

It kinda makes sense that Kwan Woo would believe Min Joon Gook. We did see him change and grow as a character but he still has that humanity in him that he had from the beginning. I like the conflict this creates because it makes the story just so much more interested. And then on the other hand I am just plain evil and I love seeing Hye Sung drifting away from Kwan Woo a bit and into Soo Ha’s arms. Not sure that will last tough.

And that brings us to Soo Ha and Hye Sung. I loved the scene of the two of them in her apartment where she yells at him telling him she hates him and that everything is his fault. I love how he is wiling to listen to it because he thinks everything is his fault as well. That is why he told Psycho that his life is hers. Ah, these two will be the death of me. Traditional drama land rulers tell me they are the destines OTP. Childhood meeting, her first kiss with him… but lately those rulers have started bending and its messing up my radar.

You know what, screw logic out the window. I don’t care what this drama has in store for me but I will not give up Soo Ha and Hye Sung! I will go down with this ship! I will go down with it, I’m telling you! They’re the heart of the drama. And she clearly is Soo Ha’s heart, she just needs to figure out that he’s her heart too. I know that she likes Kwan Woo and everything but that is just pure logic. Yes, he’s lawyer, yes he’s her age; he’s the perfect marriage choice but ultimately how deep does he really care for her? I don’t doubt he does, but it is the life-shattering kind of feeling? I mean at the funeral home when she told him to leave he did, whereas when she told Soo Ha to leave he just stayed. I also get that Psycho is his client and the evidence is circumstantial but you believe a murderer over the person you love? Even Do Yun thinks Psycho is guilty!

The kiss and the scenes in the aquarium were just perfect. It did feel like the beginning of something for Hye Sung and Soo Ha but at the same time it was a goodbye. I don’t think anything too bad will happen to Soo Ha because he is the hero of the story and you can’t kill the hero halfway through the story or anything but he is going to do something very stupid soon. I don’t really think they will make him kill Psycho, but at this point I am not sure of anything.

I honestly have no idea what will happen next. All I know is that this drama gives me all sorts of feelings it should not give.


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