Short Recap and Thoughts: Heartless City Eps 7-10

So here we are halfway through Heartless City and I’m extremely sad to think that we only have ten more episode to go before our finale. This drama exceeded any expectations I had for it and the last episodes have been getting better and better. The intensity, passion and cruelty of this drama is sometimes overwhelming.

Episode seven starts off with Soo and Jin Sook (Auntie) being engaged in a war with each other, each doing it with the thought of protecting the Doctor’s Son/Shi Hyun. Turns out it was Soo who send Jin Sook’s cellmate in prison to kill her. Doctor’s Son finds out about this and erases all evidence of Soo being the one responsible because he doesn’t want the two to engage in a private war. Nonetheless Jin Sook finds out that Soo was the one responsible and sends men after him, beating him almost to the point of death. Soo is about to retaliate back when Shi Hyun asks him not to. Soo goes as far as going after Jin Sook personally but stops right as he is about to attack her. Soo tells Doctor’s Son that he will forget about his grudge with Jin Sook just because he wants Shi Hyun not to worry about it.

All I can say for certain is that the Shi Hyun’s relationship with people is extremely complicated. He clearly cares for Jin Sook, and he’s been with her for a very long time but I am not sure she knows about his undercover job. He wants her out of the organization but she tells him to mind his own business and stop telling her to leave. Unknown to the Doctor’s Son Jin Sook is trying to make a deal with Safari for drugs, thinking that this is the best way to save Shi Hyun. Yeah, I’m not sure that deal will really benefit him.

At the same time, parallel to his relationship with Jin Sook, Shi Hyun is seen as caring deeply for Soo, even if technically he is part of the same organization Shi Hyun is planning on bringing down. Their bromance is just great. We can see that Shi Hyun really wants to bring down the drug organization but it seems to be that he almost doesn’t consider Soo to be part of that organization. I think he really cares for Soo as a friend.

When Safari kidnaps Soo and uses him as bait for the Doctor’s Son, even though Shi Hyun knows it’s a trap he still goes to rescue his bff, even endures being beaten to a pulp for him. And then when the police shows up and everyone is scattering all over the place, Shi Hyun, hurt as he is, still goes and picks up Soo and helps him escape! If that is not true bromance I don’t know what is.

Hyung Min continues to be obsessed about finding the Doctor’s Son, always circling each other but never quiet coming face to face directly. Dude, at this point why do you even try anymore? Doctor’s Son is always one step ahead of you. He does however figure out that Scale was actually in the background behind everything, turning himself in so that the police would go after and blame the Doctor’s Son instead. Although that doesn’t mean he believes the Doctor’s Son is innocent of his girlfriend’s murder.

On her side Soo Min continues to infiltrate the drug group slowly but surely. She gets closer and closer to Jin Sook and finally asks her for a job as a way for her to keep a closer eye on things. Jin Sook tells her to think carefully about this because once she is in, she can never go back. But Soo Min will have none of it and starts working for Jin Sook’s place, as a hooker. But not really a hooker because she doesn’t actually do what a hooker does, at least she hasn’t yet.

Soo Min: “I want to take revenge… I want to take revenge on the world who made fun of me for being an orphan.”

We can see Jin Sook trusts Soo Min to a certain degree because she tells her to seduce Hyung Min, to make him fall hard for her and then report everything back to Jin Sook. Of course, Soo Min tells all of this to Hyung Min. She’s now officially a triple agent and I start to worry about her because clearly this whole thing is suicidal and insane.

Hyung Min tells her to keep pretending in front of Jin Sook that she is seducing him. And then… and then… there is an interesting scene that takes place. Basically Soo Min tells him that she doesn’t want her first time to be with one of them, and he says they will like it better that way. So clearly she wanted to sleep with him because she doesn’t want to sell her virginity. Ok, in a strange way I understand that, but what a shitty response from him!

We get a flashback scene of when Soo Min and Hyung Min first met. We can tell from their interactions that she was totally infatuated with him. Huh…

So I would say that Soo Min and Hyung Min’s relationship continues to develop in… strange ways? Would we call it that? Well, not strange per say but I am totally getting the feeling that there is something there, something that isn’t completely healthy about their relationship. Actually it’s more like a premonition really.

We also find out that Hyung Min has serious daddy issues, and a brother who was left handicapped after a serious drug overdose. No wonder he’s so angry and rude all the time.

He is still obsessed with finding the Doctor’s Son, and clearly at this point he doesn’t care for Soo Min but I am scared about how that might change in the future, especially when Soo Min eventually finds out the identity of the Doctor’s Son. He’s definitely not going to let her do whatever she wants, and if he finds out that Soo Min might have feelings for the Doctor’s Son he’s definitely going to become even more insane. Their relationship will definitely not end up being remotely healthy, or happy.

And then our OTP finally and properly meets in scenarios that do not involve him getting stabbed and her providing the medical supplies.

After having started working for Jin Sook, Soo Min quiets her job as a cashier at the convenience store where she first met Shi Hyun but not before going there one more time. Shi Hyun also happens to be there buying more bandages but this time she follows him, shouting after him Mister, asking him if his wound got better. He clearly doesn’t know what to make of her so he just continues on his way. She doesn’t give up that easily and follows him into his car, demanding that he give her a ride. Again, he doesn’t know what to say to her so he simply complies. Before she leaves the car she makes him giver her his phone number, telling him that she will call him.

Shi Hyun: “Are you not afraid of me?”

Soo Min: “Should I be? Are you a scary person mister?

She laughs and leaves, leaving him to stare amazingly after her before breaking into a small smile.

I have read people complaining about how their meeting went down, saying Soo Min would have never gotten inside his car after he threatened her the last time they meet. But you know what? I loved their interaction. He asks her himself why she’s not afraid and she basically tells him there is no reason because he is not a scary person. He saved her from a guy who was threatening her with a knife! I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find your savior scary. I don’t know, I had no issue with how their meeting went. Stranger things have happened in kdrama land (yes, I’m looking at you fauxcest).

We all know what happens next and I know I had a whole post dedicated to it, but what the heck, these scenes are so amazing they are worth mentioning again!

She calls him, and then he calls her, and then she calls him again but long story short they meet for drinks. The whole scene is cute and sweet. She asks him his name and he says his name is a national secret, laughing at his own joke. You are so adorable when you want to be Shi Hyun. She only complains about his lame joke, but then the atmosphere changes when he grabs her hand and pulls her in for a kiss. They break away and she says she’s not really drunk before she goes and kisses him again with more passion.

Then they are in her room removing their clothes.

I’m pretty sure the first time I watched the scene their chemistry burned a hole through my screen. Also, can we please talk about the fact that the big drug lord/undercover agent is NOT the one on top!? I’m just saying… Because that is just plain awesome! And she traces his scar!

But then when she wakes up he is gone and there is money on the table. We can tell she is pissed. And frankly I am a bit too. Did he think she just needs the money or did he really just pay her for sex? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The next time Shi Hyun sees Soo Min he’s having drink with Jin Sook. She calls him but he doesn’t answer. When Jin Sook returns to the room he tells her something urgent came up and he can’t stay. Oho, you’re blowing off Jin Sook because you want to meet with Soo Min. He tries calling her back from the hallway but her phone is turned off. No matter, because he turns around and sees her entering Jin Sook’s apartment.

Later when Shi Hyun sees Jin Sook he asks her about Soo Min and Jin Sook tells him that she saved her life in the detention centre when Soo tried to kill her. Shi Hyun doesn’t look too happy knowing that Soo Min is now involved in their world.

Jin Sook is closing her deal with Safari, the only things left to do is exchange the money for the drugs. She sends Soo Min to do the job, thinking that it will be a safe but the police finds out about the exchange and go to intervene.

The Doctor’s Son also knows about the deal and knows that it’s a trap for Safari to catch him. As Soo Min is waiting to exchange the bags he calls her and asks her to trust him. He tells her that he works for the people she was going to exchange with but the deal turned into a trap and she is in danger. Soo Min is shocked to hear all of this but nonetheless she decides to trust Shi Hyun.

When they meet up he tells her she needs to get out of their world while she still can. For the moment he tells her to run, that he will distract the others.

Safari finds out that the Doctor’s Son is also there and sets out to find him. They meet and fight a deadly game with knifes before Safari pulls out a gun. It does matter though because in that moment Hyung Min burst through the door. He only sees Safari and not the Doctor’s Son because he is hiding behind some shelves.

Safari tells Hyung Min not to shot.

And then Safari shows his police badge. WHAT.THE.FUCK!?

Behind the bookshelves Shi Hyun is as surprised as me. Let me get this straight. Safari is also an undercover agent? Is anyone in the drug organization an ACTUAL drug lord, or are they all just police officers undercover without the other one knowing? Because now we have three of those. And what about the police chief who helps out Shi Hyun? Now he’s just starting to look fishy. Maybe he’s the actual supreme evil lord? A drug dealer undercover as a police officer?

Imagine we get to the last episode and we find out that Soo Min is actually the mastermind behind everything! HAHAHA. (That was a joke… hopefully.)

This drama just keeps dropping bomb shells on me. What am I supposed to think about Safari now? He did repeatedly try to kill Shi Hyun. Did he do it because he honestly thought Shi Hyun was a drug lord, or is his police badge a fake one? That’s it isn’t it? His police badge is a fake. It has to be!

Also we need to talk about Jung Kyung Ho and how amazing and hot he is in this. Now there’s a word I never thought I’d use to describe him. I first saw him in Smile, You and although he was funny and charming I didn’t fall head over heels on love with him. Then I saw him in Time Between Dog and Wolf where his bromance with Lee Jun Ki was legendary, but individually as an actor he was over shadowed by his older hyung. And then I heard he went into the army, and the Korean army did what the army does so well and that is turning boys into men. Which I approve of. Greatly!

This is his first project back and clearly the army served him well. His intensity and sexual chemistry with Nam Gyu Ri is off the charts. His acting is at its best here and I think we can attribute that to his maturity. I’m going to start loving him to an unhealthy degree.

Visually the drama has been consistent and it’s still as beautiful as it was when it first started shooting. I love the direction because it gives us some really moody dream-like sequences and shots. The soundtrack is equally as stunning as the visuals.

Oh, Heartless City, what am I going to do with you? You know, I glad we only get two episodes per week because no matter how into the drama I am, it is so intense that I can only handle so much of it.


3 thoughts on “Short Recap and Thoughts: Heartless City Eps 7-10

  1. I absolutely love reading the reviews of Heartless City on this website. What a treat. It’s like reading your own thoughts because I completely agree with your emotions and frustration. This show is such a roll coaster. Finally something that came our way to knock us out.

  2. So true. I know we’re nearing the end of this series, and in a way it’s good because this drama is so intense, but I don’t know how I’ll be able to part with these characters!

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