First Impressions: Goddess of Marriage

I love watching weekend family dramas so when Goddess of Marriage premiered this weekend I had to check it out. Weekend family dramas are not big on plot, they are more about the execution and characters development. Too bad at first impressions Goddess of Marriage doesn’t seem to have anything going for it.

Goddess of Marriage is about four women and the different stages of their marriages and relationships. I think it’s better to go over each of the stories separately because it’s easier to keep track that way, not to mention that sooner or later they all connect.

Ji Hye/Tae Wook/Hyun Woo

The drama starts with Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi) and Hyun Woo (Lee Sang Woo) boarding the same plane for Jeju Island. They don’t know each other but they end up sitting beside one another. She falls asleep for the entire duration of the plane ride and typically she ends up sleeping on his shoulder.

When she wakes up it’s already time to leave the plane. In her hurry Ji Hye drops her book and Hyun Woo picks it up trying to take it back to her. He looses her in the airport, but it doesn’t matter because they later meet up again on a tourist trip of Jeju.

They decide to visit the rest of the attractions together and everything goes well until Hyun Woo shared his thoughts on marriage. He thinks marriage is something materialistic, and that nowadays women care a lot about a man’s job, apartment and financial state. She gets offended saying that marriage is between two people who love each other no matter the circumstances.

This is where I first start to have a problem with the heroine. Hyun Woo is entitled to have whatever opinion he wants about marriage, and the fact that she gets mad and offended gets me pissed. Fine, she may believe in the fairy tale marriage and love, but that doesn’t mean she needs to impose her beliefs on someone else as well. What right does she have to get pissed?

Her anger doesn’t last long because that night they end up staying overnight at a motel due to the heavy rains, unable to get back to their normal hotel. In a moment of passion they ends up having sex, a fact she regrets the next morning. Hyun Woo tells her to meet him that night on the beach so they can could talk about their feelings. She doesn’t go and ends up leaving for Seoul.

When she gets to her apartment that night Tae Wook (Kim Ji Hoon) is waiting for her, saying they needs to talk about their upcoming marriage. Ohohoho. He yells her at saying she only thinks of their marriage as a joke.

So she’s about to get married, and just had a one night stand with someone. Ok well, that in itself is not a big problem what bugs me the most is the fact that she was all like, marriage is a bong between two people, but she clearly doesn’t think of hers that way.

Basically Ji Hye is pissed at Tae Wook because they have been going out for 3 years but in that time he never told her that he comes from one of Korea’s top ten richest family. She tells him she doesn’t belong in that world while he screams at her that he loves her. So wait… is she complaining that the man she loves is super rich? Isn’t that a dream come true, to love someone who loves you back who’s rich? What is her problem?

So there you have it; we have the cheater with an illogical sense of pride, a guy who just screams, and a perfect guy who doesn’t believe in love but that doesn’t matter because he is so unrealistically perfect.

As for out other couples, there isn’t much to tell yet mostly because the first two episodes focused on our main triangle.

Hye Jung/Tae Jin

Our second couple are Hye Jung (Lee Tae Ran) and Tae Jin (Kim Jung Tae). Hye Jung is to be Ji Hye’s sister-in-law because Tae Wook and Tae Jin are brothers. She has to put up with a philandering husband, a pretentious mother in law, all the while maintaining her perfect rich daughter-in-law aura.

She is depressed, put down by her mother in law and raped by her husband (I don’t care if he is her husband, he forced her to have sex when she clearly din’t want to, so yes, I call that rape).

That covers them in a nutshell.

Ji Sun/Jang Soo

Ji Sun (Jo Min Su) is Ji Hye’s sister and married to (Kwon Hae Hyo). She rulers her family with an iron first being a superwoman, superwife, supermom to her husband and three children.

She mostly has to put up with shit from work, and the hardships that come from raising teenagers. Again, we don’t get a lot from her story, in fact we get almost nothing.

Eun Hee/Seung Soo

Eun Hee (Jang Yeong Nam) is Jin Sun’s sister-in-law due to the fact that Seung Soo (Jang Hyun Sung) her husband and Jang Soo are brothers.

Seung Soo is a famous news anchor who likes to speak english (his accent could be a lot worse, but I also heard better), thinks he is above everyone else especially his wife, and so engages in an affair with his coworker.

Eun Hee lives for her husband, and although she is the non-glamorous housewife, she adores her husband.

Those basically are our four couples. I don’t find any of the supporting characters engaging, and the main triangle has been dreadful so far. The direction and editing is also done badly. The drama is supposed to have 30+ episodes so it makes sense that we have so many supporting characters and story lines, but when doing something like this you really need to edit the episodes well so it does feel like you are allocating a lot of time to some and little to the other. Unfortunately Goddess of Marriage is been doing a bad job at editing its first two episodes. I’m not planning on keeping up with it religiously because it holds no interest. I had hoped it would be better but clearly that is not the case. Too bad.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Goddess of Marriage

  1. I wanted to watch this but it looks like it will get boring…..also I’m not liking the leads’ characters…..will skip this one 🙂
    thanks for the review…..

    • I was so disappointed. Usually these kinds of dramas are my type. Maybe I’ll wait until the last episode airs, and then see if it got any better. Hahaha.

  2. pfffttt acting like ur so perfect then make a KOREAN DRAMA let’s see if they will not JUDGE ur boring drama’s that you make too.

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