Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are getting married!

So 2013 really has been a crazy year when it comes to love. I literally posted about 30 minutes ago that Won Bin and Lee Na Young might be in a relationship, and now just hours later Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon have announced they are getting married.

Lee Hyori’s reps have just confirmed that the couple recently had their invitations made which means we will soon have a set date for their wedding. Rumours have been going around though that the wedding will be held sometime in September.

I know they are called the “Beauty and Beast” couple but I actually think they match each other really well. I don’t find Lee Sang Soon that ugly looking, so I have no idea how he is a beast…. As for Lee Hyori, I am not a huge fan of her music simply because it’s not my thing but I love her cold straight-forward bitchy personality. I know it annoys some pople, but really she says things that are true even if she does it in a bitchy way and I find that just funny.

Anyway, here we have another k-entertainment wedding to add to our calendars.


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