The New Power Couple: Won Bin and Lee Na Young

Edit: They have just confirmed they are indeed dating!

I’m not usually going to post dating rumors until they have actually been confirmed but since Won Bin is such a recluse, I would say this news is worth mentioning. The years 2013 seemed to have been the birth year of power couple from Rain and Kim Tae Hee to Jo In Sun/Kim Min Hee; to Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s upcoming wedding.

The news of Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s romance comes from Dispatch gossip magazine which has a pretty solid history of revealing true relationship. They first reported Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s relationship which turned out to be true.

Apparently Won Bin and Lee Na Young met through their mutual stylist and began dating August of last year. Both are very reserved with their private lives, especially Won Bin who almost never makes a public appearance unless it’s for promoting his project.

I really don’t know much about Lee Na Young, she never appealed to me as an actress, not because she is not good but just because there is rarely any news of her. I love love love and adore Won Bin but equally he is so private that it’s hard to get obsessed over him if you hardly ever see him. He just pops up, does a movie which makes tons of money and then goes back in retirement. But hey, could be worse I guess.

I really can’t say much about them as a couple, but from the little I know, I think they suit each other, probably because they are both so private. But hey, if they really are together and are happy who am I to oppose it?


Won Bin and Lee Na Young have indeed confirmed they are dating, although they have said they are at the early stages so they are yet cautious. Last couple who said that are now getting married. I’m just saying…

They are both well in their 30s, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to walk down the isle. At this point in their lives they are both mature enough to know what they want. Either way, they do make a beautiful couple. Although I do admit, Won Bin was among my first k-actors crushes, so deep down in my heart I am a bit sad but nonetheless happy for them!


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