I Hear Your Voice: Episode 9

So you innocently thought that the past 8 episodes have been an emotional ride? Well let me tell you, they’ve got nothing on this episode. In a shocking turn of events we learn that this drama can take our heart, stab it with a knife, and then leave it bleeding in a parking lot.

The episode starts with Hye Sung who’s hospitalize for a stab wound. Kwan Woo is by her bed side but as soon as she wakes up she asks where Soo Ha is. Kwan Woo tells her to stay calm but that only makes her more nervous shouting for Soo Ha.

We then go back in time to see how Hye Sung ended up in the hospital.

“I might have been able to stop it. What Soo Ha was thinking, if I could have understood the scattered hints earlier, today’s events might not have happened. Soo Ha always listened to my voice, but I, in his moment of need, did not listen to Soo Ha’s voice.”

Hye Sung is back at work and gets a new case. Her client is accused of sexual harassment but he maintains that he is blind and therefore couldn’t harass anyone. Hye Sung can see right through his lie and pretends to throw her phone at him. The client clearly defends himself against her throw but then gets defensive saying she should be on his side no matter what.

Hye Sung tells him he is trying to make use of the innocence principle and because of people like him the world is becoming lawless. Her comment is clearly directed a Kwan Woo who is in the next room, hearing the comment.

Boss tells Kwan Woo not to worry too much and just focus on his work.

At school Song Bin is hanging out of the third floor window trying to see what Soo Ha is writing in his diary below. A classmate grabs her leg thinking she is trying to jump. She tells him to hold on to her because she can read what Soo Ha is writing.

Song Bin: “Even if I disappear… what does that mean?”

Classmate bully comes and bugs Soo Ha but he just tells him that if he likes Sung Bin he should just tell her directly and not bug him anymore. Bully yells after him that he doesn’t like Sung Bin.

At night Soo Ha is waiting for Kwan Woo outside his office and follows him. Soo Ha ends up losing Kwan Woo, but when he turns around Kwan Woo is standing right behind him.

Soo Ha asks him how did he know he was following him and Kwan Woo reminds him he was once a police officer. Soo Ha asks him if he is good at fighting and Kwan Woo assumes a fighting position thinking Soo Ha wants to fight him.

Soo Ha starts laughing, assuring Kwan Woo he is not going to fight him; he just has a favour to ask of him.

Soo Ha is at his own apartment, acting suspicious and wearing more suspicious clothes. Whenshe goes outside Sung Bin is there waiting for him. She tells him she was waiting for him so they can go to school together but Soo Ha tells her he is not going to school.

She steals his bag from his hands and starts running. Soo Ha catches up with her but before he can take the bag back Sung Bin feels his knife in the bag. Soo Ha pulls the bag away and tells her none of this is her concern so she should stay out of it.

It’s next month and we are at Psycho’s trial. Head judge declares that because there is not enough evidence to convict him, the defended Min Joon Gook is acquitted. Psycho screams with joy but everyone else looks exhausted and remorseful; even head judge.

Hye Sung gets up and leaves the courtroom but Kwan Woo runs after her. He tells her he will do anything but he doesn’t want to lose her. She tells him not to do anything because she needs someone to resent, if not she’s just going to end up resenting herself.

Hye Sung: “So just stay still and don’t do anything, so I can resent you.”

Spinning through the revolving door Hye Sung breaks down into tears. Head judge sees her as he walks out of the courtroom and we can tell even he is affected by the things happening.

Psycho is released from prison and his greeted by a bunch of people. Are those his followers of something?

Soo Ha is outside the prison waiting for Psycho, but Psycho only smirks at him. Oh this is not good.

Boss goes to visit ex cellmate. Ex cellmate says he got a call from Do Yun again to appear as a witness at the appeal. Boss tells him not to do it because it will only cause more harm. Boss then tells him that Do Yun is judge Seo Dae Seok’s daughter, the judge who put him in jail 25 years ago. Ex cellmate looks as if he’s been hit in the head. Oh this is interesting. Don’t tell me it will turn out that Do Yun is his daughter or something.

At home Do Yun is talking to her parents about Min Joon Gook’s case. Her dad says she shouldn’t talk to the ex cellmate again because as a witness he is tinted. Do Yun says she won’t give up and will go to see Hwang Dal Joong (ex cellmate) again and appeal.

Dad judge pales when he hears that name. He tells her to leave the case as it is, and step away from it.

Kwan Woo is having a hard time dealing with everything that has happened. He finally gets all the documents he asked for about Soo Ha’s dad murder only they came too late. He still checks them anyway, and is shocked by what he discovers. He reads how Psycho starting strangling Hye Sung in court, shouting that he will kill her and everyone around her. Maybe he now starts to believe that he really killed mom.

He remembers what Soo Ha made him promise earlier in this episode, and this time we get to hear it too.

Soo Ha: “If Min Joon Gook is found innocent, protect Lawyer Jang first.”

Kwan Woo assures him that he doesn’t think Min Joon Gook is that kind of person. Are you blind Kwan Woo?

Back to the present Kwan Woo realizes that maybe Soo Ha was right after all and sets off to Hye Sung’s house.

Hye Sung gets home and dumps her bag on the floor; she goes to the refrigerator and takes out a bottle of water. She starts drinking but she imagines Soo Ha taking the bottle from her hand, scolding her that she should use a glass.

She reaches for the cupboard to take out a glass but again she images Soo Ha reaching for the glass at the top shelf, getting it for her. She stops and just drinks the water from the bottle.

She goes and flops down on the bed but all of a sudden she hears a loud noise. Is it Psycho? Is he bombing her house?

Her living room is filled with smoke, leaking from a container. She does what any rational person would and calls the police.

Kwan Woo is on his way to see her when the police car passes him in a hurry. He looks up to see smoke coming out of Hye Sung’s house. He hurries and runs the rest of the way to her house.

When he gets there the police is asking Hye Sung if she saw the criminal’s face. She tells them she didn’t. One of the police officers wonders if the criminal is Min Joon Gook like Soo Ha told them.

Kwan Woo shouts instructions to the police saying they needs to check the trash cans in the area to see if they find any evidence. To Hye Sung he says they should go to the office and stay there until things become safer once again.

The police leaves and at the corner of the house we see Soo Ha with gloves on, and his bag full of the same smoke containers. Omg, is he doing all these things to incriminate Psycho?

He calls Min Joon Gook and asks him where he is.

In a parking lot all alone Psycho is waiting armed with a steel pipe like the one he used for killing Soo Ha’s father.

Kwan Woo and Hye Sung are at the office that same night. Hye Sung is trying to call Soo Ha but he is not picking up the phone. Kwan Woo tells her of the promise Soo Ha made him make and she gets even more nervous. Hye Sung gets a call from Sung Bin who tells her Soo Ha was weird this morning, and she even felt a knife in his bag.

Hye Sung remembers the conversation she had with Soo Ha where she told him never to take revenge on Min Joon Gook even if he tries to kill her.

Hye Sung runs out of the office, desperate to find Soo Ha. She doesn’t know from where to begin, but the she remembers that Soo Ha had installed the GPS on their phones so she uses that find him.

Soo Ha goes to meet Psycho in the parking lot. As he walks he drops his bag and gets his knife ready. I am dying. I am dying. I am dying.

He sees the broken security cameras on the floor and screams for Min Joon Gook.

Hye Sung and Kwan Woo rush into the building but they can’t seem to find Soo Ha even if the GPS tells them they are at the right location.

Psycho can see that Soo Ha came prepared to fight him and so turns off all the light in the parking lot. Psycho goes and attacks Soo Ha with the pipe again and again, gaining the upper hand. Soo Ha manages to turn things on Min Joon Gook using his karate skills. While Psycho is on the floor Soo Ha goes and turns back on the lights.

Min Joon Gook: “Are you really going to kill me? It will mean you become a murderer.”

Soo Ha: “I don’t care. Only your death will ensure that that person survives.” 

He goes for Min Joon Gook again, knife in hand. Hye Sung arrives. I am dying. Soo Ha advances. And Hye Sung runs towards him. Soo Ha gets ready to stab Psycho but Hye Sung gets between them. AND THEN SOO HA STABS HYE SUNG!!!

Omgomgomgomgomg, what just happened? Someone tell me what just happened!?

Soo Ha looks shocked and broken, and broken.

Hye Sung: “Hey stupid, I told you that if you kill someone you are not longer the victim, you become the murderer.” Gahhhh, my heart!

Hye Sung falls to the floor in pain. Psycho take this opportunity to grab the knife and stab Soo Ha in the back. HAAAA. What is happening? I can’t process this anymore.

Soo Ha manages to get up though and starts once again beating Psycho up. He starts strangling Psycho, but Hye Sung tells him to stop. Seeing her bleeding on the floor Soo Ha stops and goes to help her. Psycho is about to go for the knife again but he hears Kwan Woo shouting for Hye Sung.

Soo Ha holds Hye Sung tight but she can only think of one thing to tell him. She doesn’t say it out loud, she only thinks it.

Hye Sung: “Don’t tell anyone what happened. Tell them Min Joon Gook stabbed me, not you. If you say nonsense, I’m not going to see you again.”

She collapses and Soo Ha starts to panic.

Kwan Woo is still looking for them but he spots Psycho running all bloody through the window. Now you see what you’ve done protecting a murderer like Psycho?

Kwan Woo starts panicking himself, shouting for Hye Sung even louder. He finds Hye Sung and Soo Ha in the parking lot, both stabbed and bleeding on the floor.

At the hospital Hye Sung is immediately taken into surgery.

Soo Ha is at Hye Sung’s bedside, holding her hand. He whispers something in her ear but we don’t hear what it is. He let’s go of her hand and walks away. No, you need to be with her!

We are now at the point where the episode started, with the Doctor and Kwan Woo talking when Hye Sung wakes up.

Hye Sung looks for Soo Ha, talking on the phone with his uncle, the guardian. She tells him Soo Ha has disappeared but he hangs up before she can say anything. In a voice over Hye Sung explains the aftermath of the events.

Min Joon Gook disappeared after that night’s events but the police are looking for him as he was charged with attempted murder. Kwan Woo gave up his position as a public defender and left the office out of guilt. And Soo Ha…

Hye Sung: “Soo Ha… Soo Ha disappeared from that day.”

We cut to people fishing in the dark. One of the fishers gets ready to throw in the bait when he sees a hand floating the in lake.

Hye Sung is at home when she hears the news reports. A left hand has been found near a river and the finger print belong to Min Joon Gook. His belongings and a knife were also found near by with the police believing that more of his body parts should be located in the area.

But wait, did Soo Ha kill him, or is it just Min Joon Gook faking his death?

Hye Sung goes to visit the police station. The detective tells her that they also still looking for the remains of Min Joon Gook but they are also looking for Soo Ha who is the prime suspect because of the finger prints that were found on the knife.

Outside the police station Hye Sung thinks about the situation. She doesn’t believe that Soo Ha killed him remembering what he told her in the hospital. Now we also get to hear it.

Soo Ha: “I will not do what you are so worried about. I’ll keep my promise, so please trust me.” 

At school, the police detective comes looking for Soo Ha but they can’t find anything. They asks for his locker but Sung Bin says he never used one. Bully rants him out again and Sung Bin runs after him beating him up. Out of Bully’s bag Soo Ha’s stuff spills, including the diary he kept.

Sung Bin meets with Hye Sung and does her nails. She also gives Hye Sung the teddy bear Soo ha bought for her.

That night at home Hye Sung stares at the bear Soo Ha bought for her, listening to the recording.

Soo Ha: “Lawyer Jang, good job!” 

~1 Year Later~

Hye Sung is home getting ready to leave for work. Although her hair is straighter and her shoes nicer, we’ve turned 360 back to the first episode. Her house is as messy as it once was, and we get a parallel to episode one of her walking down the street. The only thing that differs her from episode one Hye Sung is the scar she now has on her abdomen.

Kwan Woo is also back to his dorky self, helping his father out at the sauna.

At the sauna, Kwan Woo meets the Secretary. Secretary says that things at the office have not been going well, Boss hasn’t talked to Hye Sung in a year and Hye Sung is back to how she was a year ago.

Back in court Hye Sung is just as monotone as she once was, using the same speech for every single one of her clients. Do Yun looks on exasperated, while the judge looks as if he wants to kill Hye Sung. See what Soo Ha not being there does to her?

Hye Sung and Do Yun meet in the elevator once again, but this time Do Yun keeps the doors open for Hye Sung. Do Yun tells her she needs to buy Hye Sung a meal because thanks to her she has the lowest failure rate as a prosecutor. She tells Hye Sung to get herself together quickly so they can have a real duel.

On the bus that night Hye Sung text mom as if she were still alive. She tells mom that today has been really hard and she is wondering if she should be even doing this anymore. Her phone is full of text messages to mom, never getting any reply back. Awww.

Through the bus window she sees someone who looks like Soo Ha walking on the street. She yells at the bus driver to stop and she sets off running after that person. She catches up with that person but of course it’s not Soo Ha. Again we have a parallel to episode one when Soo Ha is the one chasing random people on the streets.

The police is still looking for Soo Ha and it turns out they found him living low key in a country home with a grandpa. The police take him in and bring him back to the city. He looks pretty much the same, except his hair is now darker.

At home Hye Sung gets a phone call telling her that Soo Ha has been found. She rushes to the police station and meets the detective in front. He tells her to wait a minute and he’ll take her in, but she rushes past him inside.

She sees Soo Ha sitting in the chair with handcuffs on, being questioned. She yells and starts to hit him but he looks at her with a blank expression. Oho.

Soo Ha: “My name is Park Soo Ha? Do you know me?”

ARGH! You mean to tell me Soo Ha lost his memories?

Episode Thoughts

I may need a moment to gather my thoughts…

This did not go where I thought it would go. Every episode this drama does something that just makes me look on in shock and amazement. How does it manage to do that? Why is it so good? Why is it doing this to me? These are probably the type of questions we will never know the answer too.

The scene where Soo Ha stabs Hye Sung just killed me, and I think it was the highlight of the episode. The fact that the scene happened in the way it did says so much about Hye Sung and Soo Ha’s relationship. She did not step in to save Psycho, she stepped in because she didn’t want Soo Ha to become a killer. She was willing to die in order for him not to become Psycho’s killer. Of course, logically it doesn’t make sense because he would have still become her killer, but hey, this is drama land we are talking about. If we start applying logic to things our world falls apart. Doesn’t matter though because the attachment and bond between the two won’t change. They need to be together! Granted, they will need years of therapy, but they need to be together. And now, after the last two episodes, my hopes became a bit stronger.

I love that we got a time skip. I think it allowed for each character to settle after what has been an insane time, and at the same time it gives us the viewers an almost fresh start. The drama has been full of shocking moments, so I think the time skip makes us sit back for a moment and think: Ok, now this happened and I am good with it so now I can breath again and think of what will happen next. I want to say that this is where the story really starts for our characters, but I’ve said that like three times already and this drama has proven to efficiently mess with my head, so at this point I don’t know.

I just have to mention how much I love the parallels we got to the first episode. I love when dramas do the circular symbolism just because it reminds so much where we were at the beginning and where we are now. Maybe now it’s Hye Sung’s turn to chase after Soo Ha. She spend a year chasing all the Soo Ha lookalikes the same way he spend ten years chasing hers.

I don’t believe for a moment that Psycho is death just because that would mean his exit is too sudden and anti-climatic, but hey, I wouldn’t put it past the drama to make Min Joon Gook really dead.

As for Soo Ha and his memory loss, I have no idea what to make of it. I usually dread amnesia story lines in drama, but I am holding off commenting on this one for the moment because I don’t remotely know where that story line will go. But then how did he lose it? Hey, he might even be faking it?

I’m predicting I will not come out of this drama unscarred.


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