Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Admit They Are Dating!

Eeeeeeeep! So I had to take a day to actually write this post because when I first heard about this yesterday there was a lot of squealing and smiling and jumping up and down. But here you have it, it turns out the year 2013 is not done playing matchmaker and gave us the birth of another C-Ent power couple.

Bu Bu Jing Xin is by far my favourite drama of all times (including both Korean and Chinese), and I died and cried together with the OTP – 4th Prince (Nicky Wu) and Rouxi (Liu Shi Shi), but as I much as I adored their relationship I never thought that they would go from reel to real. When it came to the real life romance between the two there seems to be two divided groups. There were the die hard fans that desperately wanted them together and then there was the “realistic” group that liked them together but never actually thought it would happen. I was the latter. Which ever group you belong to the reaction yesterday was universal: OH.MY.GOD. The former were ecstatic, the latter were pleasantly surprised.

I thought they had great chemistry, and I was so invested in the drama that it would have been easy for me to transfer my affections to the real life actors but I did’t want to be disappointed, so I didn’t. I also thought that the age difference (17 years) and the fact that he went through a horrible divorce might be factors affecting their relation, but I am glad it didn’t happen.

They acknowledge their relationship through Weibo with Nicky going first and posting a picture of them, followed a few minutes later by Shi Shi who also confirmed the relation. Awww, how cute is that. Were they sitting together coordinating to the minute their posts?

The announcement was followed by tons of message from fans and colleagues wishing them all the best. BBJX co-star Yuan Hong (Liu Shi Shi’s best friend) wished them all the best and said he is now family to both of them (awwwww) while co-star Ye Zhu Shin said this is what happens when true love meets true love (again: awwwwww). Other wishes came from Tong Hua (the write of BBJX the novel), Annie Liu, Kevin Cheng, and Ma Su (who asked when the wedding was) among many many others.

And there you have it! I honestly wish them all the best, and I rooting for them to go all the way because they both deserve it. I don’t see the age difference as a big thing mostly because he acts like a 5  year old and she is mature enough for both of them. I always loved him (so yes part of me is a bit sad) and I also came to like her much more after BBJX (apparently she is also kind of a tomboy who doesn’t care what other think or how she looks, which I think is awesome!).

Here, have some pretty pics of them together.


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