Secret: Final Episode Thoughts

Secret aired its finally episode today and I thought I’d write some really quick thoughts on it. Overall I was pleased with the ending itself, although personally the drama as a whole could have been better. The secrets in Secret carry on until the very end, but hey, I guess that drama is not called Secret for nothing.

 Turns out that San, Yoo Jung’s son is not dead after all. Do Hoon’s mom took him away and hide him with a family who couldn’t have children because apparently she wanted the child to grow up well and didn’t believe that either Yoo Jung or Do Hoon could provide for him. What a load of bullshit.

 As you can imagine Yoo Jung is devastated and immediately goes to see San. He doesn’t recognize her and retreated back into his adoptive mom’s embrace since he appears to be scared of her. Yoo Jung had just about enough and accuses Do Hoon’s mom to the police resulting in her incarceration. She wants to take San with her but when she sees how unhappy he is and how much he’s crying for his adoptive mom she chooses to sacrifice herself yet again and let’s him stay with his adoptive family, taking on the role of his “aunt” instead.

Ugh! Look, I get not wanting to hurt the kid or anything but it’s not like it’s Yoo Jung’s fault everything that happened. I would have liked if we’d found out about this secret earlier in the drama so we could allow for a natural progression to follow and that way San could have ended up with his real mom again, which is where he truly belongs.

In an heartbreaking scene that follows Yoo Jung and Do Hoon are watching San playing and being genuinely happy. With one sentence she destroys Do Hoon and basically encompasses everything that he’s done.


“Look at what you’ve missed in life. Look what you took away from me.”

Ah, that is heartbreaking.

On his end Min Hyuk settles everything he needs to and decides that it would be best if he leaves the country. Typical male drama hero. He gives up the Presidency and once and for all ends all ties with Se-Yeon. At the airport when he is about to leave Yoo Jung goes after him. They stare at each other and start walking towards one another. They don’t stop when they reach one another instead they keep on walking, each in their direction with tears in their eyes. Ok, I liked that scene. It somehow managed to encompass everything about their relationship. And I think that perhaps it wasn’t quiet time for them to be together.

Do Hoon finally admits his crimes during his trial and is sentenced to prison.

Some time later everything appear to be in its happy place. Yoo Jung opened her bakery, and we can see on the wall many pictures of her and San.


The drama ends with Min Hyuk coming back to see her. This time they are both happy to see each other, realizing that now they can both start their new life with each other. They kiss and the credits roll.

As a whole I found the drama to be too melodramatic in an old fashion kdrama type of way. This is not necessarily a bad thing (I myself am I huge fan of melodramas) but I felt that Secret was very fragmented with its… secrets. The stages and relationships of the drama like I said felt very  segmented to me. I would have loved it if we would have had a more flowy narrative structure.

I am also not sure if I can buy the fact that after everything our main couple has been through they can still find perfect happiness with each other. I would think they would be too wounded and broken. But this is a drama after all so we take what we can get. Stranger things have happened in dramaland. Overall, like I said in the beginning, I am happy with the ending we got and the fact that they are together. For it to be perfect I would have loved it if Yoo Jung ultimately got San back and lived the happy life she deserves.

Now, did I love the drama? Nope. But it was a very entertaining way to spend 16 hours of my life. I think that if done correctly melodrama can be entraining (even if it is not beautifully crafted) and this drama was certainly fun to watch in its own suffering way.


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