Sung Joon Lands Role in I Need Romance Season 3

It was just announced the Sung Joon has just landed the leading male rol in I Need Romance Season 3. First of: Yay!! He is back in dramaland. Second off: Damn it! Why’d have be I Need Romance?

I’ve liked Sung Joon ever since he was in Lie to Me (god that mess of a drama), and my liking for him reached new heights in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. We shall not talk about Gu Family Book because that was just a waste of his talent. So now I am super happy that he will be back in leading man category, especially in a drama that is known for its portrayal of real life kisses. Imagine all the kisses! I remember the first episode of I Need Romance 2, it was basically a marathon of make outs with no story line.

Now, as much as I am happy about him being back, I really cannot stand the I Need Romance series. I Need Romance 2 was slightly better (although I didn’t finish it) because the heroine didn’t make me poke my eyes out. But I Need Romance (the first one) just fills me up with uncontrollable rage. The rage I feel for that drama might even rival the rage I have for Missing You. I will one day write a full review of I Need Romance, but my hatred for it boiled down to the horrible and pathetic heroine and the drama’s frivolous portrayal of her relations (and no I do not hate her just because she chose to go back to her douchebag of a boyfriend instead of picking chaebol Choi Jin Hyuk). She just had zero growth as a character. I can even argue that she ended up worse off in the end than she was in the beginning.

But who known, maybe third time is the charm and the production theme has learned from their mistakes. They bad the horrible, they had the boring, so maybe it is time for the good.

Apparently I Need Romance Season 3 “tells the day to day lives of managing directors at a home shopping network and the love and friendship among today’s Korean alpha girls.”

And his leading lady is Kim So Yeon!!! Eeeeeeeep! Is it going to be a noona romance! Is it, is it!? Imagine just how hot they have the potential to be! Damn it drama, just when I thought I was over your series you pull me back in. Now I am excited for it!

Please let her have long hair! Please let her have long hair!


2 thoughts on “Sung Joon Lands Role in I Need Romance Season 3

    • When I first read the news they said he was confirmed for the role. When I read it the second time after posting this they said he was favourably still in talks. My guess is that he will probably commit to it.

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