Endless Love Releases First Trailer

Ahead of its premier in about two weeks, Endless Love staring Hwang Jung Eum, Jung Kyung Ho and Ryu Soo Young released its first teaser trailer, and I have to say, it look pretty good. The trailer looks intense, thrilling, emotional and somehow fresh at the same time. Check it out for yourselves.



Apparently the drama will span 20 years or so and it is about a girl who witnesses the brutal murder of her mother. From that point on she becomes an ambitions woman who knows how to play with people’s hearts and who more than anything wants revenge. Her life will, of course, become interconnected with that of two brothers with distinct personalities, in order to form the ever so present kdrama love triangle.

I have to say that this drama is on my radar. It is there purely because of the actors. I don’t have too many feelings about Hwang Jung Eum, I never particularly loved her in any of her dramas, but she does not bug me as much as other actresses do. Ryu Soo Young I have always adored since he was in one of my very firsts dramas, 18 vs 29. And what can I say about Jung Kyung Ho? I never cared about him until Heartless City came along and he delivered what was a sexy unforgettable character. With two male leads that I adore, it is a no brainer.

I have seen the screenwriters previous drama, East of Eden, and while the first couple of episodes were epic, it soon spiralled out of control (one of the characters married her rapist for goodness sake). I really hope that while this drama maintains an epic atmosphere, it will not go down the path of no return. Still, I am anxious for its premier so I can make up my mind about it.


3 thoughts on “Endless Love Releases First Trailer

  1. Wait a minute, for a second it looked like Ryu Soo Young was running around naked in the dark! But, I did take note of this coz of Jung Kyung Ho, and Ryu, but it’s a long one isn’t it?

    • As of now, it appears that there will be 40 episodes. Long dramas can be beautiful if they are done correctly though.

      • Hopefully this will be one of them! I haven’t watched any past 24 eps, although I’m slowly, very slowly, watching a 60+ one now. So, fingers crossed that this will be good.

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