Gorgeous Poster (and pretty stills) for Joseon Gunman

Eeeeeeep! It’s finally here! Feast your eyes on the pretty and the gorgeous!


This is just gorgeous. I simply adore the mood and emotions it conveys. I don’t even need them to tell me that is Lee Jun Ki. I already know that. What I need from a poster is a prelude to the emotions I am going to be feeling during the drama, and this poster seems to have managed to do just that. A++

I am so happy Lee Jun Ki is back on my screen, after such a short period of time. Honestly, it feels as if Two Weeks only ended a couple of months ago.

A whole bunch of other stills have also been released. The one I care about the most is Nam Sang Mi. She looks so pretty and fresh.


Second male lead, Han Joo Wan


Second female lead, Jeon Hye Bin


Let’s all remember that Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sand Mi have co-stared together in The Time Between Dog and Wolf, one heck of a melodrama, and they were so hot together. Here, have some proof.


Ah, this song brings back so many memories…




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