Introducing: Fall In Love With Me

Hello everyone. I know. I have been away from this site for a long time, but it has been an insane and crazy couple of months. Anyway, it is now summer and schools and exams have all finished well, and I am hoping to get the site up and running again. And what better place to start then with a new drama?

I have been keeping an eye on all airing kdramas at the moment, I just need a couple of weeks to catch up on all of them. Don’t worry, I will! And I will soon write my thoughts on them as well, but for now I actually started watching this twdrama called “Fall In Love With Me. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I just randomly clicked on it on Viki because it was in the feature section, and I thought why not?

And let me tell you: I am hooked!

I am not going to do a review episode by episode because that is going to take way too much time, but I will probably write my thoughts and reaction on it as I watch the upcoming episodes.

Right off the bat: objectively, it is not an amazing drama. It is a catchy drama, that so far has succeeded in hooking me in, and keeping me relatively interested tuning in every episode, definitely because of the male protagonist, and not because of it illustrious story line (insert sarcasm sign here).

The premise itself is pretty insane: A young genius advertising CEO, Lu Tian Xing is having a creative meltdown, questioning the passion for his work, and whether or not he still has it. One day he meets Tao Le Si and immediately they get off on the wrong foot. She thinks he is too arrogant and full of himself, while at first he looks at her as being less than bright and rather insignificant. Turns out his big successful advertising company is the reason her own advertising company is doing so poorly. Turns out her own company really belonged to her deceased older brother, who, turns out, was Tian Xing’s inspiration for going into advertisement. Turns out our two leads met each other when they were children because Tian Xing was always following her older brother around, hoping to learn from him the trade secrets of advertisement. Turns out Tian Xing was in large part involved in her brother’s death when the latter saved Tian Xing from being hit by a car. With all this information Tian Xing wants to help Le Si and her company, but she wants nothing to do with him (so far she doesn’t know about his involvement in her brother’s death, she just dislikes him). So Tian Xing comes up with a plan; he changes his hairstyle and his clothes, pretends to be someone else and goes to work for her company as a freelancer, hoping to once again find his passion while at the same time helping her and the company that once meant so much to him. From there he helps her and her team with the creative process of advertisement, invigorating the company since he is a genius advertiser after all. So our heroine is stuck between “two guys”; the one she thinks she hates (come on, we can all see how this is going to end) Tian Xing and the one who becomes her friend and helps her the most Xiao Lu. 

Like I said, the premise is kinda insane. I mean, he looked the same with our without glasses, and ever though our heroine did notice the similarity and called him on it, when he told her that he is most definitely not Lu Tian Xing, she bought it. At least for now.

This is just one of those dramas where you can’t help but keep watching, even if you know it will not blow your mind, and it is only mediocre at best. My eyes were rolling when they showed the flashback scene of her brother saving Tian Xing’s life. Ouch, that’s gotta put a dent in the relationship. The best part about the drama is definitely Aaron Yan, and let’s face it, at this point I keep turning in because of him. He is super cool and slick as the advertising asshole king Lu Tian Xing, but he is adorkable and sweet as freelancer Xiao Lu. On the main actress I have no opinion. It’s not like she is blowing me away with her performance, but I have also seem a whole lot worse. Let’s just say that at the moment she is not the heart of the drama.

I admit that I am a sucker for the she’s-in-love-with-him-but-not-with-him premise. Always have been. I think it will be interesting to see how the romance progresses, but I am already rolling my eyes when I think about how her brother’s death will “separate” them. Although, she was the one who thew the ball in the street. Tian Xing was following the ball, and her brother followed Tian Xing. If the drama does it right, it could have a huge impact on her this realization. But who knows, it will probably not go there.

One last this: the OST is so great! The intro song and the ending song have been playing on my iPod on a loop. Here, listen for yourself.











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