Endless Love Holds Press Conference Ahead of its Premier

Hwang Jung EumRyu Soo Young, Jung Kyung Ho,  Cha In Pyo, Jung Woong In, Jeon So Min, Kim Joon and Seo Hyo Rim attend the premier of their new drama, Endless Love, which is set to air in five days. Sigh. We all know that the only reason we ever check out premier pics are because of the fashion pics, and damn it, this time I am shaking my head. 

I guess Hwang Jung Eum looks ok. Although, she could have done with more glamour.


Ryu Soo Young looks good, I like that haircut on him, but why did the suit have to be electric blue. What happened to good old fashion black. I would have even settled for navy blue.


And last but not least, there is this.

What the hell Jung Kyung Ho? Go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done. Or better yet, go put on a suit and then think about you’ve done. You should have kept some of those Heartless City suits. In fact, you should have kept the entire look you had in that drama.


I am still looking forward to the drama, hoping it will end this kdrama draught that seems to be going on at the moment.


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