Ha Ji Won Releases Single and Visits Taiwan to Promote Empress Ki

After finishing Empress Ki Ha Ji Won hasn’t been laying low at all. She’s been busy recording a single and visiting Taiwan to promote the drama, which is set to air over there. The song is a slow ballad and while I wouldn’t say that I am obsessed with it, it has a pretty catchy chorus. She has a decent voice, but I definitively prefer watching her in dramas than listening to her songs.

Apparently at the Taiwanese presentation of the drama, they had two guys dressing up like Ta Hwan and Wang Yoo from the drama, and they were battling to see who could win her heart. Which why the pics above has them doing pushups. Her face is hilarious.

I really enjoyed the drama. It beginning was a little bit slow, but the middle episodes (30-40 or so) were really really good. Ultimately the drama went down the crazy hole towards the end like so many other dramas do. My favourite part of the drama was definitely Empress Ki herself, and how she stopped at nothing to elevate herself and her son to the throne. She killed two Empresses to become herself Empress! The ultimate anti-hero. It was also helped that she was played by Ha Ji Wo, who I fell in love with while watching The King 2 Hearts. I watched her previous dramas as well, but in K2H she just spoke to me. She definitely was for a while my girl crush.



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