Lee Min Ki in June Issue of Harper’s Bazaar

LEE MIN KI!! With his new movie, For the Emperor having premiered a few days ago, Lee Min Ki graces the covers of Harper’s Bazaar Korean while promoting the movie. Check out a gorgeous Lee Min Ki behind he cut.

Sigh. I have kinda given up on Lee Min Ki ever coming back to dramaland. He is becoming too big of a movie star. I am happy for him, but damn it! I want him on my screen for 20 hours of more. And no, small cameos do not count, no matter how epic and essential to the story they are (Shut Up Flower Boy Band).

I love and adore Lee Min Ki beyond any reason. Ever since I saw him in Dal Ja’s Spring, which I still maintain was his best drama. Not that I have that many to chose from to begin with. I highly recommend it to everyone. I wish that look wise he would go back to how he looked in the drama. He wasn’t so skinny and his hair looked good! If I have to settle I would only ask for good hair on him, honestly! The pics above are awesome, but look at his latest haircut:

The horror! The horror! This is the only Lee Min Ki I want to see from now on:


At his best, I think he looked in the Nell music video. The song is amazing, the band is one of my favourites, and the video is beautiful. Honestly, the whole video is worth a look:


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