Shin Min Ah Being Her Gorgeous Self For High Cut Magazine

Sigh. Some people are just born flawless, and there is no question that Shin Min Ah belongs in that group of people. It’s been a while since she has graced our screens (Lee Jun Ki already has two dramas to his name since they did Arang and the Magistrate), but at least she hasn’t been MIA, as she graces the covers of High Cut Magazine.


Not sure I am into the bridal theme of the last photograph, but man she looks absolutely gorgeous, as always. I love the overall colour theme of the photoshot. Shin Min Ah is my favourite Korean Actress and I have seen all of her dramas except one (Punch). My favourite one is definitely A Love To Kill, the 2006 drama she did with Rain. She needs to come back to dramaland soon. I really want to see her in a drama with Hyun Bin or with Lee Min Ki. A romcom drama. Oh, they would all look so hot. Think of all the chemistry. Honestly, she has chemistry with anyone. Remember the CF she did with So Ji Sub? The chemistry was off the charts, and that was only a CF! I need a drama with them too! A noir, or a thriller; something like Heartless City. Who do I need to bribe to make this happen?

Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub CF. Have your heart melt.


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