First Impressions: High School King Of Savvy

High School King of Savvy premiered last week and two episodes in I am already hooked. It is such a fun and hilarious show to watch. I can’t wait until we get fully going with the story line, and all the craziness that will follow. 

The story follows Lee Min Seok (Seo In Guk) a high school student, who, due to unforeseen circumstances has to take his older brother’s place at his new job, since the two look so much alike. His elder brother, Lee Hyung Seok has spend much of a his life studying away in Germany, and he is scouted by a big Korean company to come and work for them. Problem is that the elder brother never showed up for his new job and instead desperately calls his younger brother and asks for his help. Hyung Seok tells Min Seok to pretend to be him at his new job for two months because he cannot make it. The brother gives no other explanation what so ever. At the beginning Min Seok thinks his brother is crazy and that something like that might never work, but after thinking that his elder brother is all the blood family he has left, he decides to help him. 

Min Seok lives with his dry cleaner father and senile grandfather, although they are not related by blood. His (adoptive) father took him and his brother in after their parents died. Right from the starts you fall in love with the father because he has a heart of gold, although Min Seok often tells him that it’s not so great that he trusts everyone and helps everyone seeing as people can mislead him and use him. 

Min Seok is not a particular good student but he excels at hockey, although he has an extremely short temper on the ice seeing as he often gets into punches matches with the opponents, no matter how much his coach punishes him for it. At school, one of the girls in his class, Jung Yoo Ah (Lee Yeol Eum), always chases after him, self-proclaiming herself his girlfriend and calling him ‘Hubby Lee.’ He is clearly annoyed by her, as he often times calls her ‘Stalker.’ 

Turns out Yoo Ah is the youngest sister of Jung Soo Young (Lee Ha Na) who works as a contractor at the company for which Hyung Seok was supposed to start working. She is basically the typical wallflower office girl with no fashion or style sense what so ever (why do dramas always have to do this? Is it so much to ask for a heroine who doesn’t wear socks with her high heels? Or who doesn’t slouch? Or who isn’t such a Mary Sue?). She harbours feelings for one of the company’s directors, Yoo Jin Woo (Lee Soo Hyuk). One day, when Jin Woo congratulates her on a job well done, she starts having a little bit of hope as to her one sided love, so she begins to look for signals: at a company lunch he sits in front of her, he only offers her a drink, he touches her shoulder when he trips over some bottles (which she didn’t see). Awww, that is kinda sweet the way she looks for those signals. Girl, I have been there and done that (and they have all ended in heartbreak). Ah, but they are cute together. But THEN, she corners him into the men’s bath room and confesses! Oh, the second hand embarrassment! I can’t watch it. It’s a miracle I made it through the scene. He basically tells her that before yesterday he’s never even knew her name and that he doesn’t like her back. She ends up drunk on the streets, which is where she meets Min Seok as his student self for the first time, when she borrows his phone to drunk dial Jin Woo and apologize to him. Ah, the embarrassment again!

On his part, Jin Woo has a hard relationship with his father, who also happens to be the President of the company in which our three protagonists work. Judging by the panic attack he has when he sees his father waving and snapping his hands right in from of him, we can guess that perhaps the abuse he suffered at his father’s hands was also physical. Aww, that is so heartbreaking. 

In the end, Min Seok has no choice but to take his brother’s place at the company with only two people knowing the truth: the managing director and the team leader. We already know where his role in the company will be heading, as he will becoming a successful director even though he is still a high school student. I can’t wait for the action to really get going, and for him to start kicking ass at the company. HA. I can already imagine the look on everyone’s faces when they will discover he is just a high school student.

And that basically what we learned in the firs two episodes of the show. 

First thing first. The show is really funny and it has its moments. There are some great laugh out loud moments and some not so great cringe worthy embarrassing moment coming from our heroine and her one sided crush. Seo In Guk is the right fit for the role and he is great in it, as is Lee Soo Hyuk whom I really like although I don’t get to see him on my screen that often. On Lee Ha Na I have no opinion, but so far she is decent, although her character is not my type of heroine. Like I said above, why do most drama heroines have to be unmannered and so un-lady like? 

Now, as for the romance… I don’t know. I don’t know if I am supposed to ship Min Seok and Soo Young. I am all for noona romances but he is 18 and she is a good 5-10 older than him. I don’t know if I can get behind that (although I did get behind something similar in I Hear Your Voice, but that was a special case). I actually think I can get behind Soo Young and Jin Woo more, seeing as they have such cute moments together and there is certainly room for improvement there. Think of all the angst when she finds out how messed up his relationship with his father is. That is OTP goodness right there! Maybe I am getting second male lead syndrome, which is never good because it only ends in heartbreak for me. 

Still, the show is super entertaining as of this moment, and I definitely going to keep up with it every week. The drama drought is finally over!   


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