High School King Of Savvy: Episode 3

King of High School Savvy continues to be a delight, even thought it is most definitely not without its flaws, flaws that become apparent when our storyline continues to move forward.  

We pick up where episode 2 left off. Min Seok is trying to keep the door closed in order to avoid Yoo Ah from seeing him in his director role, all the while keep his other hand on Soo Young’s mouth, trying to keep her quite. Jin Woo sees all this but simply walks away, while Soo Young looks mortified. 

We see Yoo Ah being dragged away by the security guard while, Min Seok is racing across the city, trying to get to his hockey game. When he gets to the stadium it is too late, seeing as the game finished and his team has lost 1-4. In the locker room the coach has them all doing head stands, saying that the entire team will suffer for Min Seok’s conduct. He tells them to stop fooling around as the preliminary national competitions start soon. 

Min Seok tried apologizing to everyone but one of his Sunbae punches him in the face, telling him to take hockey seriously, or he himself will make sure to kick Mon Seok out of the team. In private his two friends try to find out what is happening to him, but Min Seok choses to stay silent. 

At home his father wants to know what happened to his face, but Min Seok only says it happened during practice. Father tells him that his brother send over his tuition money and Min Seok gets all worked up trying to find out where his brother send the money from. Well, at least his brother still cares enough to send over tuition money. 

In his room Min Seok tells to a photograph of his hyung to hurry back because it is getting too much for him, but the background is too blurry for us to see the face of his brother. I wonder if they will make it like You’re Beautiful, where we never got to see the face of the famous twin brother. 

That night he has a dream that he is playing hockey, only to get booed when he scores a goal by the people in the stands. He looks down at his himself only to find that he is dressed in a suit, with a hockey stick in his hand. The double life is not easy for Min Seok as we see him in the next days trying to juggle high school and work, running from one life to the other, only to collapse at home once night comes.

As Soo Young walks into work in the morning she sees Jin Woo standing and waiting for the elevator. She first wonders if she should takes the stairs but she encourages herself saying that she is a modern women, therefore there is nothing she should be afraid of. She walks up to Jin Woo and tells him good morning, and proceeding to explain herself about what happened when Director Lee (Min Seok) was covering her hands and trying to hold the door. He has no interest in her story what so ever, telling her that for him to care he would have to be interested in her. Under her breath she murmurs to herself that that is right, that he has no interest in her. Ouch. I feel so bad for her, but at this point in her drama the interactions between her and Jin Woo are so awkward. Damn it, maintain your dignity woman. Try not to trip over your own feet so often. Min Seok ends up arriving just as the elevator door closes and the three of them end up riding together. 

Once Jin Woo gets off the elevator Min Seok teases Soo Young and tells her that had the known they would be alone in the elevator he would have ridden the stairs, leaving Jin Woo and Soo Young alone. Soo Young looks flabbergasted, and tries to chase after him, telling him that he completely misunderstood and that she does not Director Jin Woo. (Remember before Min Seok came to the company to work, when Soo Young was drunk she borrowed Min Seok’s cellphone to call Jin Woo and apologize for her confession. When he met the two of the them at the company he put two and two together and realized that the person she likes is the Director).

At work, the Team Leader tells Min Seok to not say a word if anyone talks to him about him because he will take care of everything. Min Seok doesn’t look to happy to be told that and throws a mini tantrum. The Team Leader just sighs and gives Min Seok a company credit card. Min Seok’s face lights up with amazement but the Team Leader tells him not to use it, only in case of emergencies. Min Seok tells him that he is responsible and that he would never do that. Next thing we know, Min Seok is treating his entire team to lunch, telling them to order as much as they like. The Team Leader just gives him grumpy faces from the side. 

After school Yoo Ah corners Min Seok’s two best friends. She all smiles and politeness wanting to treat them to lunch. Once lunch is over she gets touch and tells the guys, they have exactly three days to find our what her “husband” is up to. They both look so terrified of her. I wish her older sister would be more like her. 

At his managing meeting Min Seok looks so out of place, not knowing anything anyone is talking about. When Jin Woo finishes his presentation, the President, his father, doesn’t look too impressed until Min Seok murmurers “So amazing,” under his breath. The President hears this and asks Min Seok to explain himself. Min Seok think that Jin Woo’s idea of having everything in the same place and being “multi,” his brilliant. The President looks interested in this and takes the project from Jin Woo, telling Min Seok to prepare the next presentation of the project for the actual bid himself. Min Seok looks stricken, while the Managing Director next to him looks right about to die. 

Inside his office, Jin Woo throws his folders against the wall, clearly pissed that he lost the project. Inside Min Seok’s office, the Team Leader and Managing Director are both basically in tears while Min Seok almost looks bored. The Managing Director puts all the blame on the Team Leader and tells him to basically handle the presentation so that Min Seok can at least get up there and present. 

The Team Leader entrusts the presentation to Soo Young but later that night when she tries to show Min Seok and make sure he practices it, the last thing he wants to do is the presentation. He makes her run our of food, only reading half the presentation and stoping after which he declared the is sleep and they go out on the roof to get some fresh air. After he makes her do exercises on the roof he declares that it is late and that they should go home. She tries to protest saying that they should practice the presentation more but he pulls the Director card on her. He even makes her take the taxi home with her when he discovers that they are neighbours. All the while he is of course teasing Soo Young about her crush on Director Yoo. She looks just about ready to explode. 

Later, Min Seok sees Soo Young going home with Yoo Ah, but he doesn’t seem to recognize Yoo Ah. 

The next day Min Seok is practicing his presentation with Soo Young and he seems to have gotten it right. Right as they are about to leave the Team Leader comes in and says he has something private to discuss with the Director. Soo Young is relieved that she can leave without Min Seok. The Team Leader wants Min Seok to practice his presentation in front of him and says he will take away his company credit card if he does not. Min Seok obliges.

As Soo Young is about to leave when she is asked by the Managing Director to bring up from the lobby a package that is addressed to him. Soo Young does so, but it turns out that the package is a heavy box. When she turns for the elevators they are out for inspection and she says to take the stairs. She manages to knock over the dirty water that cleaning lady uses to wash the stairs, messing up her shoes in the process. When she finally arrives with the box at the Managing Director’s office, he tells her that he actually wants his box to be put in his car. She has no choice but to take the box back down and put it in his car. 

Min Seok ends up getting a ride to his home with Jin Woo when he spots Soo Young on the streets. She is all sweaty from carrying the box and dirty from the mop water she spilled over. Min Seok insists she let them take her home, but she more than resistant. He basically forces her into the car while Jin Woo rolls his eyes. Ok, what the hell is it? Why is every single scene between Soo Young and Ji Woo so embarrassing and unbearable to watch? And why does Min Seok want to embarrass her so much in from of Ji Woo? Someone do something? 

And he puts her in the front seat next to Jin Woo! Again, someone please stop this train wreck. 

And THEN, he pretends he forgot about a meeting and leaves them in the car alone. Soo Young looks like she wants to disappear in her seat. Ok, here is my problem: I guess what Min Seok is trying to do is kinda sweet but why does it have to be so forceful? Soo Young clearly doesn’t want to and the whole situation makes her to uncomfortable. It’s a hit to her pride and his dignity! Or is this what the show is trying to do with the romance? Have Min Seok be like the fairy godmother that gets Soo Young and Jin Woo together? I would be all for that, but again, don’t make it so forceful! 

On the ride over Jin Woo tells Soo Young that she makes him uncomfortable in so many ways. That she must tell quite a lot of her private life to her superiors. I am sobbing for the heroine. This is soooo bad. She gets shocked but as she gets worked up a motorcycle jumps in front of their car. Jin Woo hits the breaks but to brace herself, Soo Young puts her arms up on the roof handle. And the sweat stains under her arms become visible, and Jin Woo sees. Lord give me the strength to make it through this scene.

She ends up telling him to stop the car and she gets off. I feel like after this, I can take any second hand embarrassment a drama throws at me. This just about crosses the point. 

In a flashback scene we find out that Soo Young knew Jin Woo before going to work in the company. She meet him one night in a movie theatre at a screening of Serendipity. She was tearing up during the movie but when she turned back she saw Jin Woo was also crying. When she met him later at the company she though that maybe they had some sort of destiny, but maybe she was wrong. Sigh. That is kinda sweet, but I still hate the way their interactions are shaping up. 

Walking home she meets Min Seok and he is clearly happy, asking her how the date went. She looks at him with a death look in her eyes and he finally takes a proper look at her appearance. She tells him that it is true, that she likes him and that she confessed and got rejected. She tells Min Seok that even though he is a director he has no right to make fun of her in such a way. He tries to tell her that he never meant to do that, but she is on a roll. She tells him that Jin Woo is uncomfortable with her, that’s why things are the way they are. She walks away, and the look of guilt on his face is clearly visible. THIS is the heroine I wish we could see every second of the drama. For the love of god, grow a backbone and show you have more brain woman!

At home Min Seok talks to his grandfather, telling him he doesn’t know what to do, but his grandfather doesn’t understand anything.

The next day is the Presentation Day and Important Hockey Game Day. Min Seok thinks he can make it to both in time when all of a sudden a player for the opposing team hits the referee with a puck and the game is halted, going over time. Min Seok is freaking out because he is running out of time. Teal Leader, Managing Director and Soo Young are freaking out because Min Seok hasn’t shown up at the presentation yet. When the game is finally over, Min Seok rushes out and just about makes it in time, right when they are about to ask Jin Woo to do the presentation.

Min Seok ends up delivering his presentation with enthusiasm and vigour, making everyone seems interested in what he has to say. Even me. Everyone ends up loving it. Everyone but Jin Woo that is. They end up getting the bid for the project, and everyone in ecstatic, celebrating.  

Late that night when Min Seok and Soo Young walk home together. He asks her if she is still mad at him. She clearly is. He tells her to hit him so they can be even and she ends up giving him a good punch to the face. Later when they sit together in the park she ends up drunk again and passes out while complaining about Jin Woo. Huh, she seems to do that a lot when she is drunk. 

The next at work she is embarrassed to face Min Seok and quickly gets into the elevator. As Min Seok chases after he bumps into the President. He says he did a good job on the presentation before leaving and inviting him to play golf together.

As Min Seok is about to get into the elevator his two friends show up behind him calling him Lee Hyung Seok, just as Jin Woo exits the elevator. 

Additional Thoughts:

Obviously I don’t think that Jin Woo that would find out about him so soon, so he will most definitely get out of this one. The story line is still interesting, and I am excited at the thought that now Min Seok is going to do better and better at the company. All the characters seems to be interesting in their own way, and together they still seem to work.

But now let’s get to the important part in this episode: the heroine.

Oh.My.God. She is almost running the show for me. I find her extremely annoying, and it is not that I don’t like her, because I do, it is about how the show is treating her. Why do they have to treat the heroine like that? Honestly, it is completely unnecessary and furthermore it adds absolutely nothing to the story line. Think of how much more awesome it would have been if the heroine was strong and kicking ass? Now, she might reach that point, and I hope she does, because at this point she is almost unbearable. I also don’t think Lee Ha Na is acting her very well. In fact, her acting is quite bad. I hope this is all just a part of her progress journey, because if it is not, it would be such a shame to ruin a heroine that would otherwise have a lot of potential. Honestly show, please change the way you are treating your main female lead. 

Min Seok will have to redeem himself in front of me before he deserves her because he pissed me off this episode. I don’t even know if at this point I want him to deserve her. I am not sold on the romance. I don’t even know which romance I am supposed to be sold on. I said this in the first post I made about the drama, but I think I would prefer to see her with Jin Woo, although at this point I would just settle for her character showing some maturity. 


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