Drama Ratings

Note: All the dramas are rated out of ten based on pure enjoyment.

Korean Dramas

 18 vs 29 – I will always remember this as sweet and funny. It was my second ever kdrama and it hooked me from the beginning (7/10).


 49 Days – It broke my heart over and over again, but it was heart-breakingly delicious. Jung Il Woo as the Scheduler stole the entire show (8/10).   

 A Gentlemen’s Dignity – Light, lovely and charming, this drama leaves a sweet enough taste to be able to enjoy it, although it is in no way perfect (8/10).

A Hundred Years’ InheritanceStarted out as a promising tale of a woman’s psychological abuse at the hands of her family. Spiralled into an uneven tone, amateur narrative structure and unnecessary conflict that carried through until the last scenes. Such a shame because the elements were all there (7/10). 

 A Love To Kill –One of my all time favourite korean dramas and extremely under-rated.  It it one of the most beautifully filmed drama I have ever seen, with amazing scenes, acting and music (10/10).

A Man Called GodAn anime like drama. Believe me the end product is not as fun as it should be. Cartoonish and quite honestly, kinda ridiculous (6/10).

 A Thousand Day’s Promise –It has enough emotion (backed by Soo Ae’s acting) to make you feel and cry, but ultimately it’s predictable, not living up to its potential (6.5/10)

 Ad Genius, Lee Tae Baek – This drama went nowhere. Nothing ever happened. Nobody had chemistry with anyone, and the one couple who had chemistry didn’t end up together. Disappointing all round (5/10)

 All InCasino, gambling, childhood sweethearts, Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo. One of the earliest gangster dramas and probably one of the best (8/10).

Angel Eyes – The beginning was beautiful and poignant. Like so many other dramas, it lost its way towards the end. Lee Sang Yoon is charming, and Goo Hye Sun is possibly at her best (7.5/10).

 Answer Me 1997 – The drama of your past, complete with high school memories, first loves and heartbreaks. A youthful melodrama that will make you wish you were still 17 (8/10)

Arang and the Magistrate– Charming, sweet and funny. The mythology is wonderful, alongside the characters, even though the plot is a bit slow at times (7.5/10).  

 Athena: Goddess of War – As a sequel prequel to Iris, I was so exited for it.  Admittedly, initially I felt that it had more potential than Iris due to its characters and relationships, unfortunately the writers left interesting story lines in limbo (6/10)

 Autumn’s Tale – First of the season series, gorgeously filmed, ended with me sobbing at the end. Made fauxcest a thing, but also made me fall in love with Won Bin (7/10).

 Bad Guy – Great idea, good acting, strong start and middle; the ending was the most stupid thing I have ever seen (4/10).

 Barefoot DaysBae Yong Joon and Go So Young before they were the superstars of today. Police, gangsters, star-crossed lovers, overall a pretty decent drama (7/10)

 Beautiful DaysAn engrossing melodrama probably even by today’s standards. It manages to blend everything right including illness and romance. One of my favourite early hallyu hits (9/10).  

 Best Love/The Greatest Love – Laugh out loud moments, at times charming and at times sweetly romantic, this drama is a good representation of the rom-com genre.  With a hero that probably won’t be forgotten anytime soon, this is the best Hong sisters drama in recent years (8/10).

 Big – Not even Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung in all their mightiness could save this drama. What seemed to start off as my favourite Hong sisters drama, turned out to be the ultimate flop (3/10)

Boys Over Flowers – I loved this drama. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes over the top, sometimes you wanted to kill the main girl and wish the ending was different. My reason for loving it: Soeulmates and Lee Min Ho (9/10).

screen20shot202016-01-0720at206-10-2120pm_zpsgq19jjhkCain and AbelSo Ji Sub and Shin Hyun Joon are exceptional as two brothers turned worse enemies. Their acting intensity burns through the screen in each of their scenes, and ultimately their story is the heart of the drama. I only wish the plot would have been more epic (7.5/10).  

 Cheongdamdong AliceThe charm, chemistry and love seemed to have disintegrated completely in the latter half, leaving behind the remains of what could have been a great drama (6/10)

 Cinderella’s SisterGreat acting from Moon Geun Young, but one thing that let me down was the OTP couple. Great start but got really….not…that…good by the end (5/10).

 City Hall – The last five episodes are the best I’ve ever seen in a drama. Despite the fact that it had a slow start, it managed to find the strength in its mature and emotional storytelling, and ultimately lead to what I believe is the best ending to a drama I’ve ever seen (10/10).

 City Hunter – Not without its flaws but the OTP, twists of the plot, and the tone of the drama made it an unforgettable one (8/10).

 Coffee Prince – Although I found it a bit slow at times, it is an extremely enjoyable drama.  The physical contact drove me insane! Now I want all my dramas to have the same amount of PDA. Choi Han Kyul will forever be my ideal man (9/10).

 Dae MulA very grown up story about a fictional first female Korean President. Might be a bit too heavy on politics, but backed by an outstanding perforce from our leading lady (7/10).

 Damo – A drama of epic proportions all the way from story to music, but I found it allocated too much screen time to insignificant details and gave too little to the life altering discoveries. It some scenes the story line felt incomplete. If somewhat overrated (7.5/10)

Dal Ja’s Spring – I adore this drama.  Revolving around the (love) life a successful 33 year old woman, the drama doesn’t shy away from the problems a woman that age might encounter, like the ever tabooed younger man.  Not to mention Lee Min Ki with his larger-than-life star quality. My favourite romantic comedy drama (9/10).

The Devil – I have not seen a drama like The Devil since or before it.  It is pretty much perfection and I give it my undying love (10/10).

 Dr. Jin – Jelly fetus baby in a jar. That is all you need to know (4/10)

 Dream High – Produced by BYJ and JYP this drama has great singing, catching songs, amazing acting from Kim Soo Hyun and not to mention amazing OTPs (9/10).

 Dream High 2 – Oh God why? What was the point of this? (4/10).

 East of EdenEpic in theory, poor in execution. The relationship between the characters are taken to unbelievable insanity. So frustrating! (5.5/10).

 Empire of Gold – Go Soo’s acting is absolutely sublime. Empire of Gold is focused and well executed, never pretending to be something else than what’s supposed to be: the story of the rise and fall of a man who stopped at nothing to carve for himself a place in the world (8/10)

 Empress KiEmpress Ki might be one of my favourite drama heroines – a slave girl who stopped at nothing in order to rule an empire. The middle episodes are outstanding, sharp and epic. By the end, it wasn’t the drama I signed up to watch, which was such a shame (8.5/10)

 Faith – The romance between the two main characters is enough to carry the drama on its own.  I would have loved for it to be more epic, and I think the problem was the production team itself, who could have made the drama more grandiose (8/10).

 Family Honour – One of the most perfectly written dramas I’ve ever seen.  The characters and the dialogue are amazing and although it’s 54 episodes long I wished there would’ve been more.  Having multiple OTPs, each of their stories are great and told in such a way that you can’t help falling in love with them.  Each character behaves like an adult with the perfect amount of dysfunctionality (10/10).

 Fated To Love YouSo much heart and so much love! Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara were outstanding and the drama shined because of them. Romantic, fluffy, entertaining and occasionally heartbreaking (9/10)

FriendsJapan and Korea’s first drama collaboratio. It it sweet and youthful, although at 4 episodes long it’s too short to allow for character development or personal emotional attachments (7/10).

 Full HouseOverrated, with a hero that is too cowardly and a plot that repeats the same storyline about three time over (5/10).

 Gloria – Plot wise it could have been better, but I watched it for the characters and their relationships; I got super invested in their lives (8/10).

 GaksitalGrand and epic in execution and arguably storytelling. Ultimately I couldn’t bring myself to care for the hero (7/10).

 GoongA classic that I think will never go out of style. Arguably it does have a slow plot and less-than stellar acting (9/10).

 Green Rose – Revenge drama plus Goo Soo.  What’s not to love? Also, really pretty music. (7/10).

 Gu Family BookI found the 2 episodes with the parents story line to be far more compelling than the 20+ episodes that followed. By the end of the series, it fell short of any kind of expectations. What I took away from it: Lee Seung Gi is still his adorable self, Suzy’ speech is too modern for a sageuk and Choi Jin Hyuk cemented himself in my heart forever (7/10)

 Heartless CityJust as heartless and cruel as its title suggests. Although the last episodes fall short of the raw overwhelming emotion of the first half, it is still pretty close to being called a masterpiece. Entered the ranks as one of my favourites and that is where it will stay (10/10).

 Heartstrings – Everything but the leads is forgetful. I was promised a youthful melodrama with lots of singing and dancing instead I got something that I didn’t know what it was.  Although I should give some credit to the music, it was good (6/10).

Heirs It was good, I tell myself. It was worth it, I tell myself. It did not suck, I tell myself. Let me live in delusion! (6/10).

 HotelierIt’s fascinating to see how a hotel works behind the scenes (7.5/10).

 How to Meet a Perfect Neighbour – Ah, the drama that’s famous for having the angsty alcoholic secondary guy get the girl. Their relationship is so deliciously dysfunctional that you can’t help wanting more of it.  Writen by the same writer that did Gloria and Family Honor, although not as polished as those two, it’s a very solid drama not without its own twists and turns (8/10).

 I’m Sorry, I Love You – Being written by Lee Kyung Hee, one of my favourite writers (Will It Snow for Christmas, A Love to Kill) expect tears and heartbreak.  So Ji Sub is outstanding and gives, what is generally considered to be, his greatest melodramatic performance to date. Make sure to bring tissues, I have never been able to re-watch the last episode (8.5/10).

 I Hear Your VoiceExhilarated, suspenseful and well crafted. A drama that gets into your soul and stays in your heart of hearts. The love story is beautiful and emotional, constituting what perhaps is my favourite romance couple of all time (10/10).   

  I Need Romance – Has its frank moments of warmth, heart and pain from its supporting cast, but ultimately comes across as frivolous and often pathetic due to its less than stellar heroine (5/10).

 I Need Romance 3Memorable and likeable characters, visually sharp, with an outstanding soundtrack. It is everything I wanted from the I Need Romance series (8/10).

 I Really Really Like You – Listen, I adore and love Lee Min Ki to infinity and beyond, but there is a limit to my patience. Yes, seeing him on the screen makes it worth while but honestly, 30+ episodes of watching the main girl drool over the secondary guy when her OTP is right there is more than I can handle (6/10).

  I Summon You GoldIt’s like the Korean version of La Usurpadora (Mexican Telenovela), only less awesome. By the end, not even the drama knew what it was about anymore (6/10).

 IrisSlick, fun, sizzling and action packed. It doesn’t add anything new to its genre but the leads (Lee Byung Hun + Kim Tae Hee) makes this a memorable one (8.5/10).

screen20shot202016-01-0920at2010-23-1220pm_zpsn7uyaih6Kill Me, Heal Me Ji Sung’s acting masterpiece. He singlehandedly elevated the drama from good to great, although even on its own it’s a poignant and heartwarming story of two scarred children and their subsequent lives. I would call it one of my all time favourite kdramas (10/10).  

 The King 2 Hearts – So full of love and heart that King 2 Hearts hits all the right spots. The romance carries this drama through and stays with you long after the credits are rolling (10/10).

 King of Baking – Pulling rating in the 50% range King of Baking got almost everything right.  It had great evil characters, relationships that developed, mystery, and my couples got good endings! (8.5/10).

 King of Dramas – A drama that I enjoyed completely.  The writing could have been a bit more structured, but perhaps that was the fault of the extension (they almost always ruin a drama). Having said that, this drama’s forte was definitely its assemble (alongside a beautiful soundtrack) and it’s definitely one of my favourites (9/10).

 Legend – An almost perfect drama. I was on the main guy/”evil” woman OTP team (10/10).

 Lie to Me – This drama had so much potential plot wise, unfortunately the writer didn’t take it anywhere.  Still, the chemistry of the OTP was so great it’s worth to watch the entire drama, and let’s face it, it has one of the greatest kisses in kdrama history (5/10).

 Love Rain – Depicting two stories simultaneously, both in the 1970s and in present times, this drama is big on romance. I found myself invested more in the present day romance, but then again so did everyone else.  Also, since it’s by Four Seasons PD you can bet this drama is also beautifully filmed (7/10).

 Lovers – Great characters, a heroine that I loved, a hero that was badass; it has gangsters, fights, cuteness, and did I mention possibly the greatest make outs in kdrama history?  I am talking knock-over-furniture make out scenes (9/10).

 Loving YouWill remain forever in my heart of hearts because it was my very first kdrama (7/10).


Loving You a Thousand Times –  I think the plot had potential (surrogate mother unknowingly marries her baby daddy’s brother) but it was never really engaging. They could have tried harder (6/10).


Marry Him If You DareI want the hours I watched this, back. Yoon Eun Hye has, and needs to, do better (5/10).

 Master’s SunIt’s definitely a step up from Big, and it does contain enough heart to make you enjoy it but ultimately it fell short in certain aspects. Still, Gong Hyo Jin is always amazing, and So Ji Sub reinvented himself as a romcom leading man; together they were pretty perfect (8/10)

 Me Too FlowerThe first half was emotional, dare I say poignant. The later half seemed to have been a completely different drama. Which is sad because I would have I loved to call this one underrated (7/10).

Miss Ripley It started out great, but it lost its footing and started drifting into uncharted territories (6.5/10).

Missing YouWhat. A. Fucking. Mess. I will forever pretend that Missing You never happened past episode six (3/10).

My Girl – My favourite Hong Sisters drama.  It had a sane plot, with sane characters, and likeable secondary leads. I wish the Hong sisters would go back and write dramas like this instead of what they have taken to write in later years (9/10).

My Girlfriend is a GumihoIt’s no secret that I am not a big fan of the Hong sisters. Their dramas seem over the top for me and I have serious issues with their characters. However, throw in two of my most loved actors and I am there! Although I had some problems with the first half of the drama, the angsty last half made up for everything else (7.5/10).

My Love From Another StarTouching performances from Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. Deserving of every love it gets; as close as a Korean drama can get to Doctor Who (9/10).

My Name is Kim Sam Soon – Despite flaws I couldn’t overlook, it is charming, poignant and funny enough that it pulls you in time and time again. Probably my most re-watched drama (9/10).

New Tales of Gisaeng I honestly don’t remember much, except for the otp. Which was so dysfunctional in a great sense. Old school makjang (7/10).

Nice Guy – I went into this drama with extremely high expectations and perhaps that is why I couldn’t enjoy it more. It fell short. Although this genre is right up my ally, I could never connect enough with the characters to actually care about them. I guess for me it lacked the soul that I usually found in this writer’s dramas (7/10).

screen20shot202016-01-0920at2010-43-2920pm_zpsztecp90nOh My VenusLet’s face it, there’s one reason why any of us watched this drama: So Ji Sub & Shin Min Ah! Their sexual chemistry does not disappoint and the drama knows how to play its strengths. Any plot holes and flaws can be disregarded. Charming, funny and sexy due to its outstanding leads (I’m pretty sure physical exercise should be so sexually charged, not that I am complaining). Also, Kim Young Ho might have dethroned Choi Han Kyul as my perfect man ♥♥♥  (9/10).   

Okjagyo Brothers – I adore family dramas. There is just something about the 50+ episodes that let me connect to the characters and see them grow into the awesome (sometimes not so awesome) kick-ass characters they become. With a lot of heart and charm (and just the right amount of makjang) this drama won me over (8/10).

Personal Taste – It has enough charm, sweetness, and tenderness backed by good performances and chemistry from Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin that will make you enjoy it. However it does leave a great deal of untouched potential, something that kills me (8/10).

Playful KissUnlikable characters backed by an unlikable plot. Weird, since I have fond memories of the anime (4/10).

Prime Minister and II loved this drama more than I thought I would. If only is hadn’t gone into crazy makjang territory by the end (7/10)

The Princess’ Man –  Labelled as a Romeo and Juliet story this drama is pretty close to being perfect, from the acting to the costumes to the directing (8/10).

 Que Sera Sera – One of the most violent, twisted and passionate dramas I’ve seen. The ending left me with a complete feeling of accomplishment seeing the growth of the characters. A mature, intelligent and challenging drama that catches the viewer by surprise (9/10).

Queen of Ambition – Started out with a compelling antagonist heroine who stopped at nothing to ensure a better life for herself. Ultimately became a dry drama backed up by dry characters, with very little shinning moments (6/10).

 Queen of the Game – Typical revenge drama, yet you can’t help fall for it because of Jo Jin Mo and Lee Bo Young! (7/10).

 Queen of Housewives – Fun, sweet and well acted, better than what the title implies (8/10).

 Queen ReversalsAlthough it’s not as good as its predecessor, it still manages to entertainer, and even get the romance bit right (7/10).

Rooftop Prince – Time travelling drama with a murder mystery spin. It  got utterly boring after the first couple of episodes. Just watch the first and the last episode (6/10).

 Royal FamilyI want to call this criminally underrated. Granted, it is not a drama for everyone, but this tightly plotted makjang story made me feel, obsesses, cry, laugh and swear all at the same time. I loved almost every minute of it. (9/10).

Runaway: Plan B – Plot? What plot? Who cares about plot when you have Rain shirtless and funny? Ok, so maybe the plot wasn’t all that great but as I said Rain is in it and he is his usual awesome funny self, not to mention an amazing secondary OTP who are worth watching the drama just for them (6/10).

Sad Love SongYour typical hallyu hit melodrama, although this one is not as compelling as the other early hits (6/10).

SandglassSaid to be the mother of Korean dramas. Epic and unforgettable from acting to writing, to music, to visuals. Even after all these years the ending still haunts me (9/10)

Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School – All my tears and my heart. Still dead after that ending (8/10).

Scandal a Shocking and Wrongful IncidentLike so many dramas, it started out as an amazing story that by the end had lost its steam. However, this one is still highly accomplished and recommended. (7.5/10)

 Scent of a Woman – Started out strong with full potential, although left in limbo for most of its duration. Although seeing Kim Sun Ah cry and suffer so much broke me (7/10).

Secret Garden –  Lead by Hyun Bin’s stellar performance, followed by great chemistry, great dialogue and a standout soundtrack. A drama you can come back to time and time again (9/10).

Shinning Inheritance –  It’s a story line that in one form or another has been done before, but its sweetness and charm is what makes this drama work (8/10).

 Shut Up Flower Boy Band – Love, love and more love. It has a fast paced plot, with interesting likeable characters, good music, beautifully shot, and an epic larger-than-life appearance from Lee Min Ki (10/10).

Snow Queen – Heartbreaking from start to finish; a crisp and enjoyable melodrama although not without its flaws (8/10).

 Star in My Heart – Guilty pleasure of the 90s, cheesy, but Rocker Boy is great! (7/10).

Star’s LoverGreat chemistry between main couple. Didn’t do much else for me (6/10).

Stairway to Heaven – Not the most original plot but still enjoyable enough. Be prepared to break out the Kleenex box (7/10).

Take Care of the Young LadySuch an epic mess of a story line. Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Il Woo and Moon Chae Won have and can do better (5/10).

That Winter, The Wind BlowsAlthough it was hard to relate to any of the characters on an emotional level, it still had enough intensity to pull you in. Beautifully scored and gorgeously filmed (8/10).

Time Between Dog and WolfEpic, heartbreaking and emotional . A drama as symbolic as its title, although at 16 episode it did feel a bit rushed in certain aspects (9/10)

Tree of Heave – I cried and I cried and I cried some more. Think Autumn in My Heart meets Stairway to Heaven meets Winter Sonata (6/10).

Two WeeksIntense and satisfying from beginning to end. The best start sequence to a drama I have ever seen (8/10).

You’re Beautiful – Although flawed it was extremely entertaining and fun to watch.  Who wouldn’t love the idea of pretending to be a guy to join a boy band and have everyone in there fall in love with you? (8/10).

 The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry –  I love noona-romance dramas. I think most of my all-time favourites are noona-romances. A feel-good, light drama about what it means to be an unmarried woman in your thirties. It leaves you with a strange satisfaction that no matter the situation there is always hope (8/10).

What Happened in Bali – Raw, realistic, and complex. Dealing with themes such as lust, money and power, it’s one big psychological run until the very end….THAT END. Ha Ji Won plays a morally complex character, Jo In Sung is at his best, and So Ji Sub brings his usual intensity to his character. Probably, still, their best work to date (10/10).

What’s Up –  A darker more mature version of Dream High, this drama is in one word: beautiful.  Written by one of my favourite writers, it’s is definitely one of my favourites (10/10).

Will It Snow For Christmas?– Stellar in terms of Go Soo’s acting, although the packed emotional complexity of the first half was never quiet matched by the second half.  For a Lee Kyung Hee drama this is as close to a perfect ending as we can get, even if I was left craving for more (8/10) 

 Winter SonataThe drama that elevated Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo to superstar status. It kinda dragged on, but it was beautifully filmed with beautiful symbolisms and I just loved it (9/10).

The World that They Live In – It’s very hard to figure out what to say about this drama.  There are people who loved it and there are people who hated it.  Having said that, the drama can be unbearable to watch for some. I really enjoyed it, in grand part due to its uniqueness, and in a way maturity. This is simply a drama about directors, screenwriters, actors and (like the title suggests) the world that they live in (9/10).

Japanese Dramas

Aishiteru To Itte Kure – The best Japanese drama I have seen so far, and even though it was filmed in 1995 it’s worth watching it.  There is just something about it (9/10).

Detective Conan – Fun and light, if you 13 (6/10).

Hana Kimi – I don’t get the point of the manga, so I am sure as hell not getting the point of a drama (5/10).

Hana Yori Dango – One of the best if not THE best adaptations of the drama (9/10).

The Hours of My Life – Miura Haruma is excellent and the emotion is all there. It’s a drama that will definitely make you suffer and cry. Raw and emotional (8/10).

Last CinderellaThe Japanese equivalent of the noona romance. The last half did lose its charm but it was still memorable enough. Made me fall in love with Miura Haruma (8/10).

Proposal Daisakusen – The drama of my life. Seriously, how many time have I wanted to go back in time and redo my relationships? Too many. One thing that I found about the drama was that I times it was hard to relate to the characters and their decisions, or even understand them (7/10).

Rich Man, Poor Woman – A cold hearted tech genius and a bubbly girl make the perfect combo in this sweet and light rom-com (8/10).

Tokyo Dogs – Police/detective drama. Enjoyable with a great ending song (6/10).

Taiwanese Dramas

Autumn’s Concerto – Beautifully shot, great soundtrack, and a fast moving plot.  A crisp drama, spamming 6 years of two people’s adolescent and subsequent adult love (8/10).

Fated To Love You – Extremely fun to watch, even if the protagonists leave much to be desired (8/10).

In A Good Way – A charming look at the love life of young adults and collage life. Too bad that for me it lost that charm by the end (7/10).

It Started with a Kiss – Endearing, but too over the top for me (5/10).

Miss No Good – Oh God kill me!  No, wait….kill me main girl actually (3/10).

The RoseBy today’s standards it would be extremely outdated, but seeing as it was among my first dramas, it has a special place in my heart. (7/10).

Summer’s Desire – Overall a pretty good drama, but at time it is twisted and confusing (7/10).


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